Dock Leveler: Efficiently Improve Plant Transportation

In modern industrial production, plant loading and unloading is a key link in the entire transportation process. In order to ensure smooth logistics and transportation, the emergence of dock levelers provides factories and enterprises with an efficient, safe and reliable solution. The application of the dock leveler makes the loading and unloading of the plant simple and convenient.

loading and unloading platform

Efficient Performance of Dock Leveler

Improve efficiency

The dock leveler lip can be controlled to lift. Form a transition board between vehicles and platforms, allowing vehicles or people to pass easily. For places with large height differences, it can also easily meet the needs of various loading and unloading goods. It is convenient for the staff to unload the cargo and improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

Safe and reliable

The electric hydraulic power unit design is adopted to control the stable operation of the platform. Ensure that the support of the platform table is more stable and strong, so that the transportation process becomes smooth and the safety of the staff is guaranteed.

Stable and durable

Every component of the dock leveler is carefully designed and manufactured. The platform table is made of non-slip tread plate, which has a large bearing capacity and wear resistance. And can be used for a long time without damage. The lip is designed with a strong and stable structure and is integrally reinforced to ensure reliability and durability during loading and unloading.

dock leveler

The dock leveler is the starting point and end point of the material circulation process in the facility. It is very important to the operation of the plant transportation process. Not only it can improve work efficiency. But also ensure the safety of the loading and unloading process, making the loading and unloading process more efficient and smooth. SEPPES exports dock levelers to more than 50 countries, and has accumulated many years of foreign trade export experience. You can refer to SEPPES high quality dock levelers.

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