Car Industry Application

In the highly efficient production environments of automotive plants, SEPPES  speed doors, rigid speed doors, safety protection doors and rapid stacking doors demonstrate superior performance and reliability. Our products not only meet the demands of high-frequency switching, but also ensure safety and durability, making them indispensable and essential equipment in the modern automotive manufacturing process.

Car Industry

PVC High Speed Door

With their swift opening and closing speeds and efficient sealing performance, speed doors are ideal for workshop production lines. Whether it is a production area or a logistics corridor, it ensures a smooth and unobstructed flow of materials and improves production efficiency.

Spiral High Speed Door

Using high-strength materials and advanced turbine spiral inhalation technology, rigid speed doors not only have excellent wind resistance and thermal insulation, but also provide reliable security. Particularly suitable for the exterior of the workshop and underground garage and other areas requiring high strength protection

Safety Protection Door

Designed for the robot operation room and equipment isolation area, the protective door has excellent impact resistance and multiple safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. Its intelligent and highly sensitive control system can be linked with other equipment to further enhance production safety and automation.

High Speed Stacking Door

With its innovative folding lifting method and wind-resistant lever design, the Rapid Stacker Door performs particularly well when dealing with large openings and strong wind environments. Its removable modular design makes maintenance easier and more economical, making it the ideal choice for logistics access in automotive factories.

Customer Case

We Are A Friendly Supplier Of Fortune 500 Companies

Relying on professional products and brand reputation, SEPPES has become a cooperative supplier of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, AkzoNobel; Establish good  cooperative relations with power grids; provide products and supporting services for Bosch, Voilswagen, Huawei, Geely, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, Hikvision, etc.

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Why Choose SEPPES Dock Equipment

Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made SEPPES a pioneer in the dock equipment industry. All main products have nearly 20 certificates such as EU CE, SGS, CMA, etc.

Big Brand Trust

As a professional industrial door manufacturer, a cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent After-Sales

More than 100 service outlets around the world, providing technical support at any time.

Professional Technician

Offer professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of working experience.

Competitive Price

We have professional factories, have 30 product invention patents.

Quick Response

Provide you with 7*24 hours online: question answering, installation, after-sales...

Fast Delivery

We support multiple trade terms. The fastest order can receive the goods in one week.

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