High Speed Spiral Door

High Speed Spiral Door

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High Speed Spiral Doors

SEPPES brand spiral speed door is a high-performance door system designed for modern industrial environments, incorporating advanced technology and innovative design to meet high-frequency, high-efficiency and high-security operational needs. It adopts the German FROG PUPIL special servo control system, and the door opening speed can reach 1.5 to 2.0 meters per second, which significantly improves the working efficiency. Its double-layer curtain structure is made of 2.0 mm extra-thick aluminum alloy profiles, providing excellent impact resistance and durability.

With its four major advantages of high speed and efficiency, safety and reliability, durability and intelligent control, SEPPES spiral door becomes an ideal choice for many scenarios such as airport cargo transit, industrial automated production line, warehouse logistics entrance and exit, helping enterprises to improve operational efficiency and safety level.

Videos of Industrial Spiral Doors for Operation

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4 Advantages Of SEPPES Spiral Door!

High Speed And Efficiency

SEPPES spiral door adopts advanced German FROG PUPIL special servo control system to realize the opening speed up to 1.5 to 2.0m/s. This high-speed opening and closing function significantly improves the work efficiency and reduces the waiting time, which is suitable for frequent entry and exit places.

Sturdy And Durable

SEPPES spiral doors feature a 2.0mm extra thick curtain and aluminum alloy profiles for strong impact resistance and outstanding durability. Its double curtain structure and reinforced rib design ensures long service life in high-frequency environments, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Safe And Reliable

The spiral door body is equipped with SEPPES patented extended safety light curtains and airbag bottom sensors to effectively prevent accidents and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Multiple safety protection measures make the operation more assured and reliable, in line with the strict requirements of modern industry on safety.

Intelligent Control

SEPPES rigid speed door is equipped with servo frequency conversion intelligent control system, which supports a variety of door opening methods, including radar, geomagnetic, infrared, Bluetooth, remote control and access control. The multifunctional expansion port can realize linkage with other equipment and remote signal control, which enhances the flexibility and intelligence level of the system and meets the diversified needs of different customers.

Details Display Of Our Turbine Hard Fast Doors

Door Panel

0.7mm thick double-layer aluminum alloy door panel, heat preservation and insulation

Sealing System

Top and both sides and bottom are equipped with EPDM sealing strip. Door joints are equipped with sealing rubber strips to isolate heat and cold transfer.

Balance System

Pulley and rail balancing mechanism integrated drive system is lightweight, smooth and fast running

Security System

Adopt servo motor to precisely control the operation of the door body, with infrared safety anti-pinch device as standard.

Various Lifting Methods Of Hard Fast Door

Choose The Lifting Method According To The Actual Situation To Save The Workshop Space

Standard Circular Spiral Structure

Suitable for most scenarios

Elliptic Spiral Structure

Suitable for places with insufficient space

Lay-flat Construction

Suitable for lifting ports

Vertical Structure

Suitable for places with insufficient side space

S-turn type structure

Suitable for special locations

L-turn type structure

Suitable for places with insufficient space

Commercial Spiral Door Details

  • 1.Double-layer aluminum alloy door panel
  • 2.Through-row transparent windows
  • 3.Door Track
  • 4.Servo drive motors
  • 5.German brand control box

Installation Instructions

All measurements are made indoors and each value must be measured at at least three point:                                       

H – the height of the door opening (the distance from the ground to the top of the door opening)                                                            B – the width of the door opening (the distance from the left edge of the door opening to the right edge)                                                h – at least 900 mm above the door opening (the distance from the top of the door opening to the ceiling)                                    b1/b2 – requires a lateral distance of at least 350 mm left and right (distance from the corresponding edge of the door opening to the obstacle)                                                                                        L is the depth of the room

When measuring H and B, take the maximum value as the final size
When measuring h, b1, b2 and L, take the smallest value as the final size

More Custom Styles For Spiral Door

More functions can be selected to adapt to different usage scenarios. The enterprise chooses according to the situation of the enterprise site.

Transparent Windows

Rigid fast doors with transparent windows for personnel to observe inside and outside.

Through-row windows

When the width of the doorway is less than 6000mm, it can be customized with through-row transparent windows, which can improve the lighting.

Manual release device

To cope with sudden power outages, rigid speed doors can be retrofitted with a manual release device. Manual opening in the absence of electricity.

sectional overhead door

Small Door

The door-in-door is equipped with an interlocking device between the small door and the large door. When the small door is not completely closed, the large door cannot be opened to ensure safe use.

Our Spiral Door Project Cases

Vietnam -Intelligent Darage Door

This customer is from Vietnam who purchased six hard fast doors for their factory’s intelligent three-dimensional garage.

Singapore -Parking Lot Access

This client is from a property company in Singapore and purchased a spiral fast door for the entrance and exit of an underground garage.

China -refuse collection point

This is a Chinese client who purchased several large sized spiral speed doors for the factory gate of a waste recycling station.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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