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Sectional doors are commonly installed in industrial buildings, warehouse, workshops, docks, etc. Widely used due to high practicality and high-end appearance.

The dock leveler can effectively adjust the height difference between the floor of different transport vehicles and the platform. Make logistics and transportation smoother.

Three types of dock shelter, mechanical dock shelter, inflatable dock shelter, and sponge dock shelter, which are suitable for different scenarios and models.

SEPPES high speed door, the opening speed can reach 1.0-2.0 m/s, nearly 10 times faster than ordinary steel rolling door. It is an essential equipment for efficient operation.

SEPPES High Speed Door Products

Rapid door curtain adopts high-strength PVC abrasion-resistant base cloth.Can be opened and closed hundreds of times per day, opening speed up to 1.0-1.2m/s

Zipper high speed doors are suitable for use in locations with high cleanliness requirements, they have a unique zippered design of the sealed door body. 

Spiral doors are suitable for installation in industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops, garages and other industrial equipment exits. 

SEPPES wind-resistant high speed stacking doors are suitable for the entrance and exit of logistics channels and large-area openings.

Thermal insulation door adopts multi-layer composite inner sandwich thermal insulation material, track embedded sealing structure, suitable for cold storage area.

Safety protection doors with special thickened and strong curtains,  specially designed for use in production equipment rooms, robotic workshops and so on.


What You Need To Know About Our SEPPES

SEPPES is a leading manufacturer of industrial door, logistics dock equipment. Our innovative product including high speed doors, sectional doors, and dock equipment, all developed to meet European industry standards. Our products feature core technologies and have received EU CE, international SGS, and ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Our products meet the needs of customers across more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. SEPPES is a trusted supplier to over 60 Fortune 500 companies, including IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, and AkzoNobel.

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What Services We Offer You

What we provide is not just a set of dock equipment products, we are more committed to providing you with a complete factory warehouse logistics solution.

Good Dock Equipment

We have 17500 square meters of large factory buildings and professional production equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

Support 1 MOQ

It's okay if you are afraid to try a lot of quantity for you first order. We support a minimum order of 1 set as a sample order, allowing you to try and experience our high-quality product and service.

Professional Technician

We have professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of working experience in the industrial field to guide your project plan throughout the process.

Quality Assurance

We offer a 2-year warranty on our all products. We are very confident in our products, in China, most of our customers have used our products for more than 10 years.

Fast Delivery

We support multiple trade terms. When payment is made, we will immediately place an order for production. The fastest order can receive the goods in one week.

Quick Response

The business staff will provide you with 7*24 hours online: question answering, product quotation, payment and delivery, installation and after-sales...

Our Projects

Dock Equipment Projects

SEPPES provides loading Dock  Equipment to more than 60 countries around the world.

High Speed Doors Projects

The main products of SEPPES include PVC high speed door, spiral door, zipper fast door, cold storage door and many other industrial doors.

Our Amazing Clients

We have exported to more than 50 countries and regions. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

 Clients From Russia

These cooperative customers are from Russia. They traveled a long way to Suzhou, China to visit SEPPES Door Industry Co. After communicating with them, their purchase intention is very clear, they need to buy several fast doors for factory renovation. After they expressed their needs, our professional sales staff gave them a quote that met their expectations, and soon both parties confirmed the contract. In the first cooperation, the customer trusted us very much, and used 100% prepayment, the two sides of the cooperation is very happy, the customer also said that in the future will be with us again.

Clients From Colombia

These two customers are from Colombia and the purpose of their visit was to purchase SEPPES spiral doors. It was raining heavily on the day they came, our sales staff JEE and Loy went to meet them and led them to visit our factory, explaining to them in detail the parameters of the doors and the use of scenarios. Our leader Mia Yang also had a cordial communication with the two customers. They did not confirm the order at the first time, but after a period of time, the other party took the initiative to contact us to confirm the order. The transaction process was very smooth.

Clients From Australia

The client is a principal from Australia who is responsible for their branch in Shanghai. Due to the company’s project remodeling, they urgently need to purchase 10 pvc high speed  doors. So they found us, and our sales person Jee was responsible for docking. It is understood that the customer has also looked for many other counterparts, there are many prices lower than ours, but he believes that the quality of our products is very good, and there is a very reliable after-sales service. He finally chose the SEPPES brand of fast doors, he showed full affirmation of our products.

Latest News

Read our blog, we will update our project cases as soon as possible to let you know the latest developments of  our products and companies.

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