Spiral Door For Sand Blasting Room Of Gree Electric Co.

 In modern industrial production, sand blasting room is an important link. It plays a vital role in product surface treatment and quality control. Gree Electric Appliances, as a leading enterprise in the home appliance industry. The construction and management of the sand blasting room has always been adhering to the principle of high standard and high efficiency. Recently, Gree Electric Appliances, in the upgrading and remodeling of the sand blasting room. Seppes Door Industry’s spiral door was chosen as the key equipment to improve the operation efficiency.

hard speed door

SEPPES Spiral Door is characterized by its high efficiency and stability

It has become the ideal choice for the sand blasting room of Gree Electric. This rapid door has the function of quick opening and closing. It can effectively isolate the environment inside and outside the sand blasting room and reduce the intrusion of dust and foreign matter. Thus, it maintains the cleanliness and operational efficiency in the sandblasting room. At the same time, its high-speed operation also greatly reduces the waiting time. It improves the coherence of logistics transportation and overall production efficiency.

SEPPES High Speed Door also excels in safety.

The products equip with advanced safety protection devices. Such as infrared sensing device, airbag and so on. It ensures that obstacles can be detected in time during the sand blasting operation and make corresponding safety responses. This intelligent safety design not only protects the safety of operators. It also reduces the risk of equipment damage and production interruption caused by accidental collision.

SEPPES Door Industry also focuses on the durability and easy maintenance of the products.

The fast door is made of high quality materials with special treatment. It is characterized by corrosion and abrasion resistance, and can adapt to the harsh working environment of sand blasting room. At the same time, the structure of the product is reasonably designed to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance. It reduces the maintenance cost and time cost and further improves the operation efficiency.

In the upgrading of the sand blasting room of Gree Electric. SEPPES Door Industry’s spiral high speed door not only enhanced the operation efficiency, but also improved the working environment and the overall production quality. This successful case once again proves SEPPES professional strength and excellent quality in the field of fast doors. In the future, SEPPES Door Industry will continue to devote itself to product innovation, research and development and service optimization. It will provide more enterprises with efficient and safe door solutions, and help the efficient development of industrial production.

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