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Dock Leveler

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Dock Leveler

Introducing our dock leveler, which is the standard equipment for logistics warehouses to move goods in and out. Dock leveler works together through the control system, electro-hydraulic power unit, adjusting plate and tongue plate, which can effectively adjust the height difference between the bottom of the carriage of different transport vehicles and the platform, forming a transitional board between the vehicle and the platform, and improving the efficiency of loading and unloading.

The dynamic load rating is 6.3T, and the static load rating is 13.6T. The body guards on both sides are automatically retractable to ensure safety. Dock leveler has a wide range of applications in the modern logistics industry, which can ensure the safety of goods, improve logistics efficiency and reduce operating costs. 

dock leveler
dock leveler
Our Innovations

4 Advantages Of SEPPES Dock Leveler!

Advanced Lip Structure

Lip thickness can be customized 40 cm or 50 cm. The platform table is made of non-slip tread plate, which has a large bearing capacity and wear resistance. The lip is designed with a strong and stable structure and is integrally reinforced to ensure reliability and durability during loading and unloading.

Stronger Load Carrying Capacity

The load capacity of 6T/ 8T/ 10T can adapt to the requirements of different industries, and improve transportation efficiency. The dynamic load rating is 6.3T, and the static load rating is 13.6T.

Stable Control System

Dock leveler can effectively adjust the height difference between the bottom of different transport vehicles and the vehicle platform through the control system. Ensure that the support of the platform table is more stable and strong, so that the transportation process becomes smooth and the safety of the staff is guaranteed.

Safer Protective Facilities

The protection device adopts hydraulic control speed and anti-fall valve to ensure that the support of the platform table is more stable and powerful.

Detail Display Of Our Dock Leveler

dock leveler

Lip Details

Innovative double 5° arch bridge type reinforced tongue plate design technology.

Side Seal

Both sides are sealed with rubber strips to prevent dust from entering.

Dual hydraulic pump

Dual hydraulic pump(Optional)

Carrying a large weight, smoother transportation.

dock leveler

Motherboard stiffener

Ensure that the support of the platform table is more stable and powerful.

Videos of Loading Dock Levelers for Operation

dock leveler

Dock Leveler Structure

  1.  Tail lip
  2.  Side curtain safety baffle
  3. Lip plate cylinder
  4.  Platform support steel
  5.  Lifting cylinder
  6.  Hydraulic pump
  7.  Sealing rubber strip
  8. Yellow and black warning strips
  9. Pedestal
  10.  Control unit

Installation conditions

About the dock leveler,we can design and offer you professional 3D and CAD drawings according to installation conditions.It’s very easy to install dock leveler when the pit is ready also let your logistic work more convenience.

dock leveler

Our Dock Leveler Project Cases

dock leveler

Dubai -Plastic Manufacturing Company

The client is a large local enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical logistics and transportation. They use our dock leveler to realize a seamless logistics process on the production line. This enables this company to efficiently deliver plastic products to the production line, speed up the process and meet market demand.


dock leveler

Indonesia -Material Handling Warehouse

The client is a leading retail enterprise in Indonesia, with large-scale distribution centers nationwide. They choose our dock leveler to improve their distribution efficiency and customer satisfaction. By optimizing the logistics process, this company has successfully reduced operating costs and achieved faster  services.


dock leveler

America -International Logistics Company

The client is a leading international logistics company whose distribution centers handle thousands of tons of cargo every day. They use our dock levelers to achieve fast transshipment and distribution of goods by providing efficient and safe loading processes. Our dock leveler can be smoothly adjusted between different trucks and cargo sizes, improving work efficiency.

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Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made SEPPES a pioneer in the dock equipment industry. All main products have nearly 20 certificates such as EU CE, SGS, CMA, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.SIZE(Length,Width and Height)

2.Cargo load(6ton,8ton,10ton,12ton)

3.Installation condition(checking above installation picture)

Please give the exactly size and quantity of your required dock leveler. We can give you a detail quotation based on your requirements.

1 set order for trial order is OK. 

7-15 days after your custom order,fast a week

Factory outlet, Outgoing port of logistics park.

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