Pharmaceutical Industry Application

SEPPES brand of PVC high speed doors, zipper high speed doors and cold storage doors have a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical plants, ensuring an efficient, safe and reliable operating environment. Below are the specific introduction and application scenarios of these door products:

Pharmaceutical Industry

PVC High Speed Door

Pharmaceutical factories have very high requirements for cleanliness and environmental control. Rapid doors can effectively isolate production areas, prevent contaminants from entering and maintain internal cleanliness.

Zipper High Speed Door

The zipper high speed door has a strong sealing performance that effectively prevents dust, insects and other contaminants from entering the pharmaceutical workshop. The structural design allows the door curtain to repair itself in the event of an impact.

High Speed Freezer Door

Cold rooms in pharmaceutical factories are vital for the storage of drugs and raw materials. SEPPES cold room doors are made of advanced insulation materials and designs that can effectively maintain a low-temperature environment inside the cold room and reduce energy consumption.

Fast Industrial Denfense Door

The industrial defense door is more wind-resistant than PVC speed door, faster than industrial sectional door, and more space-saving than spiral door. Collection of anti-theft, fast opening and closing, good sealing function in one, very suitable for pharmaceutical factories

Customer Case

We Are A Friendly Supplier Of Fortune 500 Companies

Relying on professional products and brand reputation, SEPPES has become a cooperative supplier of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, AkzoNobel; Establish good  cooperative relations with power grids; provide products and supporting services for Bosch, Voilswagen, Huawei, Geely, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, Hikvision, etc.

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Why Choose SEPPES Dock Equipment

Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made SEPPES a pioneer in the dock equipment industry. All main products have nearly 20 certificates such as EU CE, SGS, CMA, etc.

Big Brand Trust

As a professional industrial door manufacturer, a cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent After-Sales

More than 100 service outlets around the world, providing technical support at any time.

Professional Technician

Offer professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of working experience.

Competitive Price

We have professional factories, have 30 product invention patents.

Quick Response

Provide you with 7*24 hours online: question answering, installation, after-sales...

Fast Delivery

We support multiple trade terms. The fastest order can receive the goods in one week.

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