Mechanical Dock Shelter: Advantages of Installing in Logistics Warehouses

With the development of logistics transportation, logistics companies have gradually realized the importance of cargo storage. In the process of logistics transportation, it is not only necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods. But also to improve work efficiency. However, there are many problems in the traditional loading and unloading equipment, such as poor sealing and low efficiency. In order to solve these problems, logistics companies choose professional loading and unloading equipment – mechanical dock shelter.

mechanical dock shelter

The Advantages of Mechanical Dock Shelter in Logistics Warehouses


The door seal is made of wear-resistant and tough fiber material. A closed loading and unloading environment is formed between the vehicle and the warehouse. Not only can keep the periphery of the truck sealing, but it can also withstand strong wind pressure. It plays the role of windproof, rainproof and dust proof, and ensures the safety of the unloading environment and the integrity of the goods.

Improve efficiency

The mechanical dock shelter closes the gap between the truck and the warehouse to ensure that the unloading environment is not disturbed by the outside world. Provide a closed and safe environment for loading and unloading. Reduce the impact of the external environment on the cargo and loading and unloading workers, ensure that the unloading work is convenient, clean and safe, and improve the efficiency of loading and unloading.

Wide adaptability

The mechanical loading and unloading door seal can adapt to most models. It has low requirements on the load-bearing strength of the wall. It is convenient for logistics companies to use multiple types of vehicles for transportation and reduce business operating costs.

mechanical dock shelter

The logistics warehouse uses mechanical dock shelter, which can make the unloading process more convenient and safe. Mechanical dock shelter are an important part of the logistics field, with excellent sealing effects, improved unloading efficiency and wide adaptability. In order to achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, you can refer to the professional brand SEPPES. The products of SEPPES have passed the EU CE and international SGS certification.

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