Zipper High Speed Door

Zipper High Speed Door

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Zipper High Speed Door

SEPPES brand zipper speed door with unique zipper rail design and integrated sealed door body can effectively reduce energy loss and provide efficient logistic inlet and outlet to maintain the temperature and cleanliness of the interior space of the building. Its curtain section has no metal parts, ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel, while providing excellent wind resistance.

This fast door is also equipped with SEPPES’ patented self-repairing function, which eliminates the need for manual restoration even if the door curtain is derailed by an external force; the system will automatically reset itself during the next operation. In addition, the door curtain is made of multi-layer composite thermal insulation material which significantly reduces heat conduction, minimizes energy loss and creates a well-insulated environment. The door opening speed can be adjusted to more than 1.5 m / s, to realize the frequent opening and closing operations, it is an upgraded product to replace the traditional low-speed door .

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4 Advantages Of SEPPES Zipper High Speed Door!

Efficient Energy Savings

The SEPPES zippered speed door utilizes a unique zippered rail design and an integrated sealed door body that effectively reduces energy loss. By reducing temperature fluctuations and air loss, this design significantly reduces energy consumption and improves the energy efficiency of your organization. It is particularly suitable for environments where constant temperature and cleanliness need to be maintained, such as food processing plants and cold storage.

Extremely High Security

This door is designed with no exposed metal parts at all, ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. The door curtain is made of flexible material, which, together with the airbag and infrared sensor at the bottom, prevents entrapment and other accidents. In addition, the double row of brush strips embedded in the door frame and the U-shaped bottom edge sealing box ensure tight closure on all sides, further enhancing safety.

Excellent Self-repairing Features

SEPPES’ patented self-repairing technology allows the zipper speed door to automatically return to its normal state when it is derailed by an external impact. Even if the door curtain is derailed by a forklift or other equipment, the system can automatically reset it during the next operation, reducing maintenance time and labor costs, and improving work efficiency and the continuous operation of the equipment.

Excellent Wind Resistance

SEPPES zipper speed doors have excellent wind resistance, able to resist wind pressure up to class 6-8, and can be customized and strengthened as needed. This enables it to operate stably in all kinds of adverse weather conditions and is particularly suitable for installation in external logistics corridors and high wind pressure environments, such as warehouses, logistics centers and factory floors.

Detail Display Of Our Zipper Fast Door

Fast Door

Advanced Control System

Our rapid door is designed with a state-of-the-art smart control panel, providing a user-friendly interface and intelligent features.

304 Stainless Steel Frame

Our zipper door frame is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a longer service life.

2.5mm PVC door curtain

Our zipper door curtains are made of 2.5mm thick pvc elastic door curtains, which have better waterproof and dustproof effect.

Safety Bottom

Our zipper door is equipped with a soft safety bottom edge, which will automatically bounce back when it meets obstacles on the way down.

Multiple High Speed Zipper Doors Opening Ways

high speed door

Motion Sensor

When vehicles and people approach, the radar will sense and turn on automatically.

high speed door

Vehicle Detector

When the vehicle reaches the sensing range, curtain will automatically open.

high speed door


Extend the hand and pull the rope to open the door.

high speed door

Wireless Switch

Door can be opened by pressing the button when people enter and exit.

high speed door

Bluetooth Switch

Smart unlocking, send an unlocking request to the server through the APP.

high speed door

Remote Control

Press the remote to open the door, no manual contact required.

Why Choose SEPPES's Zipper High Speed Doors

Rapid doors use high-quality parts and equipment to ensure long service life for enterprises and factories. The door curtain is made of high-strength PVC, and the surface has a self-cleaning function. This design ensures wear resistance, tear resistance and impact resistance, thereby extending service life. As a result, businesses can ensure long-term durability and minimize maintenance needs.

The rapid opening and closing speed of these doors is 5-7 times faster than ordinary rolling shutter doors. The rapid opening of fast doors speeds up the manufacturing and processing links of enterprises and factories, thereby minimizing waiting time and delays and improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of industrial settings, customization becomes paramount. Our offerings extend beyond standard specifications, allowing for tailored solutions to accommodate specific layouts and operational nuances. Customized aspects including door curtains, tracks, and opening methods ensure optimal functionality and seamless integration within varied environments.

If you’re looking for a zipper high speed door that is precise, easy to use, and built to last, then look no further than SEPPES’s door. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

Perfect details create ultimate high speed door experience.

More Custom Styles For High Speed Zipper Door

high speed door

Curtain Colors

The color of high speed door curtain can be customized as red, white, blue, gray, yellow, or according to the color of the Raul color card.

high speed shutter door

Zipper Structure

The zipper structure can better seal and also has a self-repair system. Isolate dust and prevent external pollution from entering the clean area.

Touchless switch

Touchless switches can be equipped in places with high cleanliness requirements, reducing contact and increasing cleanliness.

Face Recognition Switch

Facial recognition is a smarter way of switch, also contactless switch can improve the passage efficiency and cleanliness

Installation Instructions

All measurements are made indoors and each value must be measured at at least three points:
H–the height of the doorway (the distance from the ground to the top of the doorway) 
B–the width of the door opening (the distance from the left edge of the door opening to the right edge) 
h–Above the doorway (the distance from the top of the doorway to the ceiling) is generally reserved 600mm 
b1/b2–The lateral distance of at least 200mm (the distance from the corresponding edge of the door opening to the obstacle) is required to have 500mm reserved on the side of the motor: 
When measuring H and B, take the maximum value as the final dimension.
When measuring h b1 b2, take the smallest value as the final size.

Our Rapid Roller Doors Project Cases

Thailand-environment protection station

This client is purchasing a zipper door for installation at a local environmental station.

Japan-pharmaceutical company

This client purchased a clean room zipper high speed door for a pharmaceutical plant.

America-workshop room

This client customized a larger size zippered speed door to separate the interior of the workshop.

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Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made SEPPES a pioneer in the dock equipment industry. All main products have nearly 20 certificates such as EU CE, SGS, CMA, etc.

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As a professional industrial door manufacturer, a cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies.

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More than 100 service outlets around the world, providing technical support at any time.

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Offer professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of working experience.

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We have professional factories, have 30 product invention patents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The max height can be 5M. The max width is 5M, customized.

Please give the exactly size and quantity of your required door. We can give you a detail quotation based on your requirements.

1 set order for trial order is OK. 

7-15 days after your custom order,fast a week

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