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Dock Shelter

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Dock Shelter

Introducing our dock shelter, divided into mechanical dock shelter, sponge dock shelter and inflatable dock shelter, each has its own characteristics. Dock shelter curtain board is made of double-layer polyester fiber elastic strength fabric, and the surface is PVC coated. The side wings are equipped with reflective yellow guide strips. The frame is connected by hinges to resist extrusion. It is composed of frame, rear frame and connecting arm. The overall frame is treated with corrosion-resistant galvanized, and the surface is fixed and decorated with anodized aluminum alloy profiles, which is beautiful and

As one of the important parts of loading and unloading combination, dock shelter is used to achieve better sealing between the carriage and the warehouse during transportation. Each dock shelter has different characteristics and is suitable for different places. When the whole equipment is in use, it is the dock shelter that provides sealing, prevent external sundries, airflow, rainwater, etc. from entering, and ensure that the loading and unloading work is convenient, clean and safe.

Three types Of Dock Shelters

We will provide high quality door shelters, meet the demands for diversification.
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Mechanical Dock Shelter

Curtain board is made of double-layer polyester fiber elastic strength fabric, and the surface is PVC coated. The side wings are equipped with reflective yellow guide strips. The frame is connected by hinges to resist extrusion. It is composed of frame, rear frame and connecting arm.

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Sponge Dock Shelter

The interior is filled with high-elasticity sponge with a maximum compression ratio of up to 75%. The fabric is fixed with screws and metal grommets to always ensure that the air overflows evenly under pressure. The pleated pages are distributed on both sides and above, wear-resistant and anti-extrusion. The wall must have bearing capacity.

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Inflatable Dock Shelter

The airbags on both sides and the top tightly wrap the rear of the car after being inflated, adopt an L-shaped structure to ensure a tight seal. The width adjustment range is 1600mm, and the top airbag length adjustment range is 1200~1500mm, which is suitable for various truck chassis heights, which can work stably under bad weather (-30℃ ~60℃ ).

Our Innovations

Key Features of SEPPES Door Shelters!

Mechanical Dock Shelter

A closed loading and unloading environment is formed; it is applicable to a wider range of models; it has lower requirements for wall bearing strength.

Sponge Dock Shelter

Tighter sealing protection; The optimal choice when the size of the truck is uniform; the top curtain is equipped with a fixed sponge structure as standard; the wall must have bearing capacity.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Suitable for a variety of models of vehicles; the best sealing effect can minimize the energy loss during loading and unloading, especially suitable for warehouse logistics and cold storage with high sealing requirements.

Videos of Dock Seals for Operation

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Mechanical Dock Shelter Details!

  1. Top front panel
  2. Side front panel
  3. Sealant rod spring
  4. Drainage system
  5. Reflective strip
  6. Rubber harness
  7. Brand

Our Dock Shelter Project Cases

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Germany -Semiconductor

The client is a well-known local large-scale contractor engaged in semiconductor instrument research.

dock shelter

Canadian -International Logistics

The client is a very influential logistics company in Canada. They ship all over the world.

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China -Pharmaceutical Company

This is a local pharmaceutical company center in China, and we have specially customized the dock shelter for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Door opening size, max/min car size, platform height. Our technicians give you the exact size.

 1. Configuration of trucks and  trailers to be sealed.
2. Dock approach grade.
3. Size of the overhead door.
4. Dock bumper projection.
5. Dock height.
6. Dock enclosure mounting surface.

1 set order for trial order is OK. 

7-15 days after your custom order,fast a week

The dock shelter is equipped with PVC strip and aluminum profile bracket.

Easy to install, just screw, no welding.If you need, installation video can be supplied. And you can contact our salesman if you have any question. Of course we can offer on-site installation guide services if you need.

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