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Sectional Doors

Introducing our industrial sectional door, also known as sectional overhead doors and industrial sliding doors, designed for both external and internal doors in buildings. Featuring a complete operating system with torsion spring tension balance, pulley slide rail sliding, and frequency conversion intelligent control, our sectional doors offer optimal performance.

Built to last with a 40mm thick high-density polyurethane foam door panel, our sectional doors provide excellent thermal insulation, impact resistance, and energy efficiency. With a beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable construction, low noise operation, and space-saving design, these doors are widely used in various industrial applications. Choose our sectional doors for a professional-grade solution that offers reliability, aesthetics, and functionality for your facility.

Videos of Industrial Sectional Doors for Operation

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Our Innovations

4 Advantages Of SEPPES Sectional Overhead Door!

Advanced Door Panel Structure

40/43/50/60/75/80/43+60/51+120 (big rib) series door panels, filled with polyurethane foam (about 45KG/m³), impact resistance 245kg/m³, anti-pinch , sturdy and durable, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Stable Control System

Brand control system, frequency conversion intelligent control door opening and closing, slow start and stop, more stable and durable. Multiple expansion ports are reserved to meet various customization needs such as interlock linkage, automatic door opening and remote control communication.

Strong Torsion Spring Balance System

The torsion spring is made of high-quality spring steel, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment to achieve 30,000 cycles, and the order can reach 5/100,000 times. Pulley slides and hinges are an integral part of the balance system for light and smooth operation.

Safer Protective Facilities

Rich enhancement system, optional window, door-in-door, innovative non-threshold small door, lifting method, wind-resistant components, remote door opening, remote control, customized color of door panel, infrared safety protection and various induction door opening devices.

Details Display Of Our Overhead Sectional Doors

industrial sectional door

Door Panel

The top and sides are sealed with sealing strips for better heat preservation.

industrial sectional door

Torsion Spring

Using high-quality anti-corrosion spring steel, it can achieve 30000 cycles.

industrial sectional door

Fall Arrest Device

When the torsion spring breaks accidentally, this device can react quickly to stop the door lock to ensure safety.

Control System

Intelligent frequency conversion control system, support multiple port expansion.

Various Lifting Methods Of Industrial Sectional Door

Choose The Lifting Method According To The Actual Situation To Save The Workshop Space
industrial sectional door

Standard lifting method

Applicable to door top space: within 200-300mm

industrial sectional door

Vertical lifting method

Suitable for door top space ≥ door opening height

industrial sectional door

Low lifting method

It is suitable for the slope shape of the door top ceiling, and the track is parallel to the ceiling

industrial sectional door

Improve lifting methods

Suitable for door top space ≥ 500mm

sectional overhead door

Commercial Sectional Door Details

  • 1.Vertical guide rail 
  • 2.Vertical side frame
  • 3.Door shaft
  • 4.Torsion spring fracture protection device
  • 5.Sheave
  • 6.Torsion spring sleeve
  • 7.Balance spring mechanism (torsion spring)
  • 8.Coupling
  • 9.Inner bracket
  • 10.Top roller bracket
  • 11.Roller bracket
  • 12.Big back muscles (optional)
  • 13.Wire rope break protection device
  • 14.Sandwich door panel
  • 15.Inner hinge
  • 16.Bottom aluminum profile and bottom sealing strip
  • 17.Side seal
  • 18.Top aluminum profile
  • 19.Top sealing strip
  • 20.Panel side cover with fixing holes
  • 21.Step handle
  • 22.End buffer
  • 23.Ceiling mounting bracket

Installation Instructions

All measurements are made indoors and each value must be measured at at least three point:                                       

H – the height of the door opening (the distance from the ground to the top of the door opening)                                                            B – the width of the door opening (the distance from the left edge of the door opening to the right edge)                                                h – at least 500 mm above the door opening (the distance from the top of the door opening to the ceiling)                                    b1/b2 – requires a lateral distance of at least 150 mm left and right (distance from the corresponding edge of the door opening to the obstacle)                                                                                        L is the depth of the room

When measuring H and B, take the maximum value as the final size
When measuring h, b1, b2 and L, take the smallest value as the final size

sectional overhead door

More Custom Styles For Sectional Door

More functions can be selected to adapt to different usage scenarios. The enterprise chooses according to the situation of the enterprise site.

sectional overhead door


The special design of the windows (dimensions 600*300 mm) provides communication between the interior and the exterior, thereby increasing the interior lighting. The household is made of high-strength acrylic board.

sectional overhead door

Coating Process

The torsion spring can be equipped with Dacromet coating process. A layer of anti-corrosion film is formed on the surface, which is isolated from the air to protect the torsion spring.

sectional overhead door

Paint Material

It is recommended that the door be equipped with a baking varnish material (standard configuration is galvanized material) when operating in high humidity conditions to ensure reliable anti-corrosion protection and stable operation of the door.

sectional overhead door

Small Door

The door-in-door is equipped with an interlocking device between the small door and the large door. When the small door is not completely closed, the large door cannot be opened to ensure safe use.

Our Sectional Door Project Cases

sectional overhead door

Philippines -Cold Storage Industry

The client is a large local contractor engaged in the construction of air-conditioning and refrigeration projects.

sectional overhead door

Indonesia -Food Industry

This client is a very influential food company in Indonesia. They produce shrimp crackers, biscuits and other snacks.

sectional overhead door

Brazil -Fire Rescue Center

This is a local fire rescue center in China, and we specially customized red sectional doors for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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