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Thermal Insulation High Speed Door

Seppes brand insulated fast door is a high performance and efficient fast door with multi-layer composite curtains filled with thermal insulation materials to significantly reduce heat transfer. Its track built-in sealing structure and wind-resistant design ensures high speed and excellent thermal insulation performance of the fast door, which is far better than the ordinary roller shutter door. The door is especially suitable for general cold storage areas or special environments that require temperature isolation. Combined with stainless steel frames and components, the door is characterized by corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, making it an ideal choice for all types of cold chain logistics and low-temperature production environments.


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4 Advantages Of SEPPES High Speed Freezer Door!

Excellent Thermal Insulation

SEPPES insulated rapid doors utilize a multi-layer composite thick curtain fabric and are filled with thermal insulation material to significantly reduce heat transfer. Its built-in sealed track structure and windproof design further improves the door’s thermal insulation effect, which is very suitable for cold storage environments

Fast And Efficient

SEPPES insulated speed doors have excellent opening and closing speeds that can be adjusted to 1.5 meters per second or more. This fast opening and closing feature meets the demands of high frequency use, and is suitable for logistics corridors and frequently accessed production environments, minimizing heat transfer and sealing. It can well protect the quality of goods.

High Resistance To Low Temperatures

The high speed freezer door drive unit is IP65 rated and, in combination with the rail heating technology, allows the door to operate in temperatures as low as -40°C. This feature makes the SEPPES insulated speed door particularly suitable for use in extremely cold working environments.

Automatic Reset System

SEPPES insulated rapid doors are equipped with an automatic derailment repair system. When the door is derailed by an external force, the system will automatically reset at the next operation without manual intervention. This technology ensures long-term reliable operation and easy maintenance of the door.

Detail Display Of Our Fast Doors

Automatic Reset Mechanism

SEPPES freezer doors are equipped with an automatic derailment repair system.

Bottom Safe Bounce

Full soft bottom edge rebound system, which can guarantee the safety of goods and people when passing through.

Multi-layer Insulation Curtain

Multi-layer thermal insulation curtains reduce heat transfer between inside and outside, minimizing heat loss while improving sealing and wind resistance.

Low-temperature Operation

IP65 rated drive unit, combined with orbital heating technology, the product is cold resistant up to -40°C.

Multiple High Speed Freezer Doors Opening Ways

high speed door

Motion Sensor

When vehicles and people approach, the radar will sense and turn on automatically.

high speed door

Vehicle Detector

When the vehicle reaches the sensing range, curtain will automatically open.

high speed door


Extend the hand and pull the rope to open the door.

high speed door

Wireless Switch

Door can be opened by pressing the button when people enter and exit.

high speed door

Bluetooth Switch

Smart unlocking, send an unlocking request to the server through the APP.

high speed door

Remote Control

Press the remote to open the door, no manual contact required.

Why Choose SEPPES's High Speed Roll Up Doors

SEPPES insulated rapid doors utilize a multi-layer composite thick curtain fabric and are filled with thermal insulation material to significantly reduce heat transfer. Its built-in sealed track structure and windproof design further improves the door’s thermal insulation effect, which is very suitable for cold storage environments

The rapid opening and closing speed of these doors is 5-7 times faster than ordinary rolling shutter doors. The rapid opening of fast doors speeds up the manufacturing and processing links of enterprises and factories, thereby minimizing waiting time and delays and improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of industrial settings, customization becomes paramount. Our offerings extend beyond standard specifications, allowing for tailored solutions to accommodate specific layouts and operational nuances. Customized aspects including door curtains, tracks, and opening methods ensure optimal functionality and seamless integration within varied environments.

If you’re looking for a PVC roll up door that is precise, easy to use, and built to last, then look no further than SEPPES’s door. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

Installation Instructions

All measurements are made indoors and each value must be measured at at least three points:
H–the height of the doorway (the distance from the ground to the top of the doorway) 
B–the width of the door opening (the distance from the left edge of the door opening to the right edge) 
h–Above the doorway (the distance from the top of the doorway to the ceiling) is generally reserved 900mm 
b1/b2–The lateral distance of at least 350mm (the distance from the corresponding edge of the door opening to the obstacle)
When measuring H and B, take the maximum value as the final dimension.
When measuring h b1 b2, take the smallest value as the final size.

Our High Speed Freezer Door Project Cases

Singapore-Refrigeration plant

This Singaprean client is a local refrigeration plant, chose Seppes cold storage high speed doors to improve efficiency.

America -Workshop cleanroom

This is a customized freezer door for an American client’s workshop cleanroom, where they have high cleanliness and insulation requirements.

Philippine -Meat processing plant

This is a Filipino client who ordered several Seppes cold storage high speed doors for the cold chain processing of meat in his factory.

Our Professional Service Process

1.Let us know your needs

SEPPES has dozens of senior foreign trade salesmen, and we have exported to more than 60 countries. No matter you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to consult us. Let us understand your needs in order to provide you with the most professional and customized service.

Our Amazing Clients From Global

2.Provide the most accurate and professional quotation

When the customer confirms the demand, our sales staff will make drawings for the customer to confirm, after the customer confirms that there is no error. The salesperson will provide the customer with the most accurate price according to a number of accurate content.

3.Create drawings and renderings for customers

We have a specialized operations team that can provide scenario-based mock-ups after the customer has provided their requirements. For customer’s reference, we provide a variety of personalized customization, such as color, different scene applications, a variety of add-on accessories and so on. We will provide customers with a variety of programs to assist customers in the final decision.

4.Specialized factories start production

SEPPES has a registered cost of US$5.38 million, supporting a professional chemical plant of more than 20,000 square meters, and several automated production lines with customized assembly equipment. We also have dozens of professional engineers to provide reliable quality assurance for our customers’ products.

Factory Pictures

5.Packing and shipping

After everything is in place for the production of the product, it is ready to be shipped. Our lead time is usually 18-30 days, depending on the quantity of products purchased by the customer. Our shipping port is usually Shanghai, China. Other ports such as Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc. are also available.

6.Customer Receipt and Feedback

So far, SEPPES has cooperated with more than 3,800 customers globally, and has also become a cooperative supplier for more than 70 Fortune 500 companies, such as IKEA, Tyson, Thermo Fisher, AkzoNobel, and so on. No customer has ever suggested that there are quality problems with our products, and most of our customers give us a very satisfactory feedback after receiving the goods.

Customer Visits And Positive Feedback
 Clients From Russia

These cooperative customers are from Russia. They traveled a long way to Suzhou, China to visit SEPPES Door Industry Co. After communicating with them, their purchase intention is very clear, they need to buy several fast doors for factory renovation. After they expressed their needs, our professional sales staff gave them a quote that met their expectations, and soon both parties confirmed the contract. In the first cooperation, the customer trusted us very much, and used 100% prepayment, the two sides of the cooperation is very happy, the customer also said that in the future will be with us again.

Clients From Colombia

These two customers are from Colombia and the purpose of their visit was to purchase SEPPES spiral doors. It was raining heavily on the day they came, our sales staff JEE and Loy went to meet them and led them to visit our factory, explaining to them in detail the parameters of the doors and the use of scenarios. Our leader Mia Yang also had a cordial communication with the two customers. They did not confirm the order at the first time, but after a period of time, the other party took the initiative to contact us to confirm the order. The transaction process was very smooth.

Clients From Australia

The client is a principal from Australia who is responsible for their branch in Shanghai. Due to the company’s project remodeling, they urgently need to purchase 10 pvc high speed  doors. So they found us, and our sales person Jee was responsible for docking. It is understood that the customer has also looked for many other counterparts, there are many prices lower than ours, but he believes that the quality of our products is very good, and there is a very reliable after-sales service. He finally chose the SEPPES brand of fast doors, he showed full affirmation of our products.

Get The Best Solutions for Your Building!

Contact us now to customize the most suitable high speed freezer door for your factory!

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Why Choose SEPPES ?

Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made SEPPES a pioneer in the dock equipment industry. All main products have nearly 20 certificates such as EU CE, SGS, CMA, etc.

Big Brand Trust

As a professional industrial door manufacturer, a cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent After-Sales

More than 100 service outlets around the world, providing technical support at any time.

Professional Technician

Offer professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of working experience.

Competitive Price

We have professional factories, have 30 product invention patents.

Quick Response

Provide you with 7*24 hours online: question answering, installation, after-sales...

Fast Delivery

We support multiple trade terms. The fastest order can receive the goods in one week.

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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about fast action doors here for your convenience. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQs, please Give us a call at +8618014878937 or get in touch at

Frequently Asked Questions

For common order, 10-20days only

We provide 13 month warranty for all doors and accessories.

Yes. We do provide OEM Service

Plywood case or Cardboard,Accordingly to your choose

Easy to install, just screw, no welding. If you need,installation video can be supplied.And you can contact our technical staff if you have any question.Of course we can offer on-site installation guide services if you need.


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