The Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Best Fabric Roll Up Door

In today’s fast moving industrial environment, choosing the right industrial door is crucial. Particularly for locations that need to be opened and closed frequently, such as factories, warehouses and workshops, choosing the right Fabric Roll Up Door will not only improve operational efficiency, but also ensure safety and energy efficiency. This guide explains how to choose the best high speed fabric door for your needs, helping you to make informed decisions about efficiency and safety.

Understanding the Basic Functionality of Fabric Roll Up Door

Fabric Roll Up Door

High speed roll up doors are efficient, durable and flexible industrial doors used in a wide range of industrial locations. They are usually made of high-strength fabric materials and can be raised and lowered quickly, reducing air circulation and maintaining a stable interior environment. The following are their main functions:
Rapid opening and closing: able to complete the opening and closing operation within a few seconds, reducing waiting time.
Energy saving and environmental protection: effectively isolate the air inside and outside, reducing energy consumption.
Safety performance: Equipped with safety sensors to prevent accidents during operation.
Durability: High-strength materials and design, able to withstand frequent use and harsh environments.

8 Benefits of Fabric Roll Up Door

PVC high speed doors

1.High speed opening and closing

Benefit: The high speed roll up door can be opened and closed at extremely high speeds, typically 1 to 2 meters per second. This significantly reduces waiting times and improves logistical efficiency and the smoothness of the workflow.
Example: In large logistics warehouses, high speed doors can open and close quickly, reducing waiting times for forklifts and other transportation equipment, thus improving overall transportation efficiency and cargo turnover.

2.Energy saving and environmental protection

Advantage: These doors can effectively isolate the air inside and outside, reduce the loss of heat and cold air, thus reducing energy consumption and keeping the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment stable.
Example: In food processing plants, clean room high speed doors can open and close quickly when personnel and equipment enter and exit, preventing the loss of cold air and maintaining a cold chain environment, thus ensuring the freshness and safety of food and reducing the energy consumption of cooling equipment.

3.Improved safety

Benefits: Fabric Roll Up Doors are typically equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as photoelectric sensors, safety edges and emergency stops, to prevent injury or damage to personnel and equipment when the door is closed.
Example: In pharmaceutical factories, these safety devices prevent personnel from getting caught in rapidly closing doors while transporting medications, while also protecting expensive equipment from damage.

4.Durability and low maintenance

Benefits:Fabric Roll Up Doors are made of high-strength fabric material that is resistant to abrasion and tearing and can withstand frequent use. In addition, the simple construction results in low maintenance costs.
Example: In automotive manufacturing plants, rapid roller doors need to be opened and closed frequently every day in order to transport parts and vehicles. The high durability of the fabric material ensures that the doors remain stable for long periods of time under intensive use and are simple to maintain, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

5.Space saving

Benefit: These doors roll into the top when open and take up minimal space, maximizing the use of space around the doorway.
Example: In electronic product manufacturing workshops, space utilization is critical. high speed roller shutter doors do not take up additional floor space when opening, making the workshop layout more compact and improving the utilization of the work area.

6.Dust and Insect Protection

Benefits: Fabric Roll Up Doors can be effectively closed during non-working hours, preventing dust, insects and other contaminants from entering the room and maintaining a clean working environment.
Example: In a food production plant, high speed roll up doors effectively isolate the outside environment during non-working hours, preventing dust and insects from entering, ensuring hygiene in the production area and safety of product quality.

7.Versatile customization options

Benefits: Fabric Roll Up Doors can be customized to meet a variety of needs, including size, color, material and additional features (e.g. clear windows, fire resistant materials, etc.).
Example: In a high-end automotive showroom, a PVC roll up door not only needs to open and close quickly, but also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and light translucent. The customized transparent fabric roll up door not only meets the functional requirements of quick opening and closing, but also improves the visual effect and customer experience of the showroom.

8.Easy to install and replace

Benefits: These doors are relatively simple to install and can be quickly replaced when damaged or in need of replacement, reducing downtime.
Example: In a chemical plant, the simple installation and easy replacement of rapid roll up doors ensures that if the door is damaged during production, it can be quickly repaired or replaced, ensuring the continuity of the production line.

The basis for choosing Fabric Roll Up Door with clear requirements

Fabric Roll Up Door

Frequency Analysis

High Frequency Usage vs. Different Needs of Low Frequency Usage
High Frequency Use
Requirement: In environments that require frequent opening and closing, such as logistics warehouses, manufacturing plants, or entrances to large supermarkets, doors are used very frequently.
Suggestion: choose a high speed door with high speed opening and closing function and strong durability, the motorized operation system of the door should be able to withstand high frequency operation, and need to have reliable safety sensors and emergency stop function to prevent accidents in high frequency operation.
Low frequency use
Requirements: In environments with low frequency of use, such as garages, storage rooms or auxiliary passages with fewer people entering or leaving, the door is opened and closed less frequently.
Suggestions for selection: Relatively simple operating systems can be selected, such as manual or standard electric operation, and materials can also be selected from common PVC materials to reduce costs.

Door Size and Construction

When selecting Fabric Roll Up Doors, comprehensive consideration should be given to the size and structure of the door to ensure that the door selected can meet the actual use requirements, while ensuring safety, durability and easy maintenance. Specific selection recommendations include:
Select the appropriate motor and roll up system for the size of the door opening.
Ensure that the support structure and track system are sufficiently robust.
Select appropriate door materials to balance weight and performance.
Consider adding security and control systems to improve ease of use and safety

Consider environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, wind pressure, etc.

When selecting a high speed roll up door, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and wind pressure must be taken into account to ensure that the door material and design are adapted to the specific environment in which it will be used. The performance, durability and safety of the door can be significantly improved through rational selection and design. Specific recommendations include:
Select heat- or cold-resistant materials based on temperature conditions.
Selecting waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials in high humidity environments.
Enhance structural strength and sealing performance in high wind pressure environments.
Consider special needs such as UV resistance, chemical resistance and fire resistance.

Budgetary Considerations

Budgetary considerations play a vital role in the selection of high speed doors. By weighing up the various factors and prioritizing them against your budget, you can find the most appropriate door that meets your needs and is within your budget. Suggestions include:
Prioritize factors such as material, size, and features based on budget.
Consider long-term maintenance costs and choose materials and construction with better durability.
Compare quotes from different manufacturers and suppliers to find the most cost-effective option.
Doing so will ensure that you choose a Fabric rapid door that performs well, is durable and reliable on a limited budget.

Fabric Roll Up Doors material Selection and Performance Comparison

Fabric Roll Up Door materials

Common Material Types

PVC Material
It is a common plastic material that is lightweight, soft, corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant.
PVC material has good plasticity, easy to form and process, and can be customized with different colors and thicknesses of the door body as needed.
PVC rolling doors are usually less expensive and suitable for light use environments.
Polyester Fabric Materials
Polyester fabric materials are usually made of polyester fibers, which have the advantages of high strength, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and chemical resistance.
This material also has good flexibility and UV resistance for outdoor and high-frequency use environments.
Compared to PVC, polyester fabrics are usually more expensive and more complicated to make.
Deformation or deterioration may occur at extreme temperatures.
Fire Resistant Materials

Fireproof materials are usually made of glass fiber reinforced polyester or other special flame retardant materials. Which have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, flame retardant, low smoke and low toxicity.
This material can effectively stop the fire from spreading in case of fire. And protect the safety of people and property.

Comparison of Material Performance

PVC: The durability of PVC material is low. Easy to be affected by climate change and chemical substances, the service life is relatively short.
Polyester fabrics: Polyester fabrics have high resistance to abrasion and tearing. Long service life, and are suitable for places that are frequently opened and closed.
Fireproof materials: Fireproof materials usually have high durability and can maintain good structural stability in the event of a fire.
Tear resistance
PVC: PVC materials have poor tear resistance and are prone to cracking or breaking when subjected to force.
Polyester fabrics: Polyester fabric materials have excellent tear resistance and can withstand large tensile forces and impacts.
Fireproofing materials: The tear resistance of fireproofing materials usually lies between PVC and polyester fabrics. Depending on the specific material composition.
Fire resistance
PVC: PVC materials are usually not fire resistant, are flammable and emit toxic gases.
Polyester fabrics: Ordinary polyester fabrics are also usually not fire resistant. But their fire resistance can be improved by adding flame retardants.
Fireproof material: Fireproof material has excellent fireproof performance. Can effectively inhibit the spread of fire, to protect the safety of people and property.

Fabric Roll Up Doors safety features and their importance

Safety sensors

A safety sensor is a device that can detect the presence of people or obstacles around the door, and when a dangerous situation is detected. It automatically triggers the door to stop running, thus preventing accidents from occurring. Various types of safety sensors include:
Infrared sensor: detects objects around the door through infrared rays. And immediately stops the door from running when an object enters the sensing range to avoid collision.
Grating sensor: using a set of grating (light) to monitor the door switching area. When there are objects blocking the light, triggered to stop the door operation.
Ultrasonic sensors: ultrasonic technology to detect the distance around the door and obstacles, once detected abnormalities. Immediately stop the door action.
Contact Sensor: The touch sensor installed on the surface of the door body. Once touched by a person or object, instantly stop the door operation.
The importance of safety sensors lies in the timely detection of potential dangers and take measures to avoid accidents. To protect the safety of people and property.

Emergency stop function

The emergency stop function is a manually or automatically triggered mechanism that can immediately stop the door operation to cope with unexpected situations and emergencies. Ways to realize the emergency stop function include:
Manual Pushbutton: A pushbutton mounted near the door that instantly stops the door once pressed.
Remote Controller: The operator can control the door remotely via a remote controller and stop the door immediately in the event of an emergency.
Safety rope: A safety rope is installed above the door body. Pulling the rope can cut off the power supply and stop the door operation.
Automatic detection device: When abnormal conditions are detected by safety sensors, the emergency stop function will be triggered automatically.

Regulations and standards

The requirements for the safety performance of industrial doors in various countries are usually stipulated by regulations and standards, for example:
EU standard EN 13241-1: The safety performance, operational requirements. Material requirements, etc. of industrial and commercial doors are stipulated in detail.
U.S. NFPA 80 standard: for the installation, maintenance and inspection of fire doors and fire shutters, etc. to develop detailed requirements.
Chinese national standard GB 12434: puts forward specific regulations on the safety performance. Fire performance and durability of rolling shutter doors.

Fabric Roll Up Doors importance of brand reputation and after-sales service

high speed door

Brand reputation and after-sales service are important factors to consider when choosing Fabric Roll Up Doors. And they are directly related to the quality of the product, the purchasing experience, and the satisfaction and convenience during subsequent use. Below is a detailed description of brand reputation and after-sales service:

Brand Selection

Criteria and methods for evaluating brands
Product quality: Examine the brand’s product quality and technical strength, including material selection, manufacturing process, product performance and other aspects.
Market reputation: to understand the evaluation and feedback of other users on the brand. And obtain information through social media, online forums and other channels.
History: Check the brand’s development history, achievements and honors, and whether it has the ability of continuous improvement and innovation.
Certification qualification: Check whether the brand has passed relevant certifications and standards, such as ISO certification. CE certification, etc., to ensure that the products meet international standards.

After-sales service

After-sales service content and its importance
Installation service: provide professional installation team to ensure that the door body is correctly installed and debugged for normal operation.
Maintenance: Provide regular maintenance service to prolong the service life of the products and keep them in good running condition.
Troubleshooting: Respond to the user’s feedback in a timely manner. Provide fast and effective solutions to ensure the normal use of the user.
Training services: provide users with product use training and operational guidance to improve the user’s operating skills and safety awareness.
The importance of after-sales service is to ensure that users can get timely support and help after purchase. Solve problems encountered in the process of use, and improve user satisfaction and loyalty.

Recommended Internationally Famous Fabric Roll Up Door Brands

Rytec Corporation : Rytec is a leading US-based manufacturer specializing in the design and production of high-speed doors and roll up doors. Their products are high-speed, efficient, and durable and are widely used in industrial, commercial, and logistics applications.
Hörmann: Hörmann is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of doors and door systems, offering a wide range of industrial. Commercial and residential doors, and their rolling door products are known for their innovation, durability and security and are used in a wide range of applications worldwide.
SEPPES: SEPPES is a well-known manufacturer of industrial doors in China, focusing on medium and high-end positioning. Roller shutter door is also one of its main products. With its professional products and brand reputation. SEPPES has become the cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies. Such as IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, Akzo Nobel and so on.

fast door

Future Outlook

With the development of industrial automation and intelligence, Fabric Roll Up Doors industry will also usher in new development opportunities:
Intelligent technology application: In the future high speed roll up door will adopt more intelligent technology. Such as remote control, automatic identification, etc., to enhance the convenience and safety of the doors.
Environmental protection and energy saving: more and more rapid roller doors will adopt environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving design to reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution.
Increased demand for customization: With the diversification of user needs. Customized products will receive more attention to meet the specific needs of different places.


The following recommendations are provided for users with different needs:
Industrial users: For frequently used industrial locations. It is recommended to choose high speed roll up door with high durability and safety features. While emphasizing on safety sensors and emergency stop functions.
Commercial users: for commercial places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.. You can choose high speed door with beautiful appearance and convenient operation. While paying attention to after-sales service and brand reputation.
To summarize, choosing the right fabric roll up doors product requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. And we hope that this guide can provide users with effective reference and guidance to ensure that they can choose a quality product that meets their needs.

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