High speed rolling doors comprehensive analysis:The perfect blend of efficiency and safety

In today’s fast-paced modern society, time is money. Especially for industrial production and commercial operations. Against this backdrop, high speed rolling doors have become the preferred choice for many businesses. As they not only provide efficient access, but also boast excellent safety and durability. This article will take you to a comprehensive in-depth understanding to the rapid rolling door

Understanding the core advantages of the high speed rolling doors

fast rolling shutters

High-speed opening and closing:
Rapid shutter doors use motorized drives and high speed shutter systems that allow for rapid opening and closing. Improve the efficiency of movement at entrances and exits. In contrast, ordinary industrial doors take longer to fully open or close, which may affect production and logistics efficiency.

Space saving:
High speed doors are usually more compact in design and do not require additional opening space. Make them suitable for installation in locations where space is limited. In contrast, some common industrial doors. Such as sliding or swing doors, require sufficient opening space, limiting their use in certain environments.

Superior sealing:
Rapid roll up doors utilize high-quality sealing materials and designs that effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environments. This superior sealing reduces energy consumption, maintains constant indoor temperature and humidity, and reduces the load on air conditioning and heating systems. In contrast, ordinary industrial doors may have poor sealing performance, leading to energy waste and poor environmental control.

High wind resistance:
Fast doors are usually highly wind-resistant, able to withstand strong winds and drafts to keep the interior safe. This feature is especially important in areas with harsh climates or high winds. In contrast, some ordinary industrial doors may be more fragile and easily damaged or deformed by wind.

High security:
Rapid rolling doors are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices. Such as infrared sensors, crash bars, etc., which can detect pedestrians or vehicles in time to avoid accidental injuries. This high level of security is especially important for places that are frequently accessed in industrial environments. In contrast, although ordinary industrial doors can also be equipped with safety devices, they may not be as well-designed as rapid rolling doors.

Comparison of high speed rolling doors and ordinary rolling doors

The main difference between the fast rolling door and the ordinary rolling door is generally: one can automatically carry out the switching action through the remote control, and the other needs to be operated by manual switching. Fast rolling door is more convenient to use, and can be used in a variety of control methods, and opening speed is faster, can be more timely isolation of the outside world and the working environment. Ordinary rolling shutter door manually open, slow, open singularity.

Rapid rolling door produces less noise. Ordinary rolling shutter door is through manual pull to realize the rolling shutter door pulling, manual stretching rolling shutter door, due to the force can not be uniform, resulting in inconsistent wear and tear of the rolling shutter door and the door frame, it is easy to produce a lot of noise, while the fast rolling shutter door because of the automatic, the force and wear and tear is more uniform, the noise is small.

There is also a long-term perspective, the price of the rapid rolling door is higher than the traditional rolling door, but in fact the cost-effectiveness of the rapid rolling door is higher than the cost-effectiveness of the ordinary rolling door.

Types and materials available for conventional high speed rolling doors

PVC fast rolling door: High-strength industrial polyester fiber, the surface of this fiber base cloth is treated with a special process. The surface has a very good self-cleaning, not easy to stain the dust, it is appropriate to clean, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, the use of temperature in -35 ℃ to 80 ℃, while it is also environmentally friendly it is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency of the environmental protection door. Door frame is usually 2.0mm after cold-rolled steel baking paint. Such as higher environmental requirements can also be used 1.8mm 304 stainless steel.

high speed spiral door: aluminum alloy profile turbocharged fast door, also known as the spiral door , using 0.7mm double-layer aluminum plate, assembly line one-time molding, the middle filled with polyurethane foam total thickness is 4-5cm. It has good anti-theft and wind resistance and heat preservation performance.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing High Speed Rolling Doors

Environment of use

The first thing to consider is the kind of environment in which the fast rolling door will be installed. Different environments may have different requirements for doors, such as factory floors, logistics centers, stores, etc., which may have different needs for durability, safety, and environmental control.

Opening frequency

The opening frequency of the door needs to be considered, i.e. how many times per day it needs to be opened and closed. If the door needs to be opened and closed frequently, you need to choose a fast rolling door with high durability and quick response to ensure long-term stable operation.

Opening speed

Opening speed is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a rapid rolling door. According to the actual demand, you need to determine the opening speed of the door to meet the requirements of production and logistics. The door with fast opening speed can improve the passage efficiency and save time and cost.

Safety requirements

Safety is one of the factors that must be prioritized when choosing a fast rolling door. Need to ensure that the door is equipped with the necessary safety protection devices, such as infrared sensors, anti-collision strips, etc., can detect pedestrians or vehicles in a timely manner to avoid accidental collision or pinching accidents.

Sealing performance

Sealing performance directly affects the environmental control effect of the door, especially in the need to maintain a constant temperature and humidity indoor environment. Need to choose a good sealing performance of the rapid rolling door, can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environment, reduce energy consumption, improve productivity.

Durability and maintenance costs

When choosing a high speed door, you need to consider its durability and maintenance costs. Need to choose a reliable quality, simple structure of the door, can withstand long periods of use and frequent opening and closing action, while lower maintenance costs, reduce the cost of use.

Appearance design

Appearance design is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a fast rolling door. The appearance of the door design should match the building environment, in line with the corporate image and brand requirements. At the same time, the appearance of the design can also affect the user experience and the feeling of use.

Cost budget

Finally, the cost budget also needs to be considered. When choosing a fast door, in addition to the cost of the door itself, you also need to consider the cost of installation, maintenance and other related costs, to ensure that the door you choose meets the budget requirements and can achieve long-term return on investment.

The main characteristics of the best high speed rolling doors

High speed opening and closing

Excellent quality rapid shutter door has fast and smooth opening and closing action. Its speed can reach 1.2-2.0m/s. It can respond quickly to opening commands and improve the efficiency of passage. Its design and manufacturing process can ensure that the door body can run at high speed without affecting the stability and safety of the door.

Safety protection devices

These doors are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as infrared sensors, anti-collision strips, etc., which can detect pedestrians or vehicles in a timely manner to avoid accidental collisions or pinching accidents. The best rapid rolling doors excel in security and can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment.

Excellent sealing performance

Excellent quality rapid rolling shutter door adopts high-quality sealing material and design (EPDM rubber strip), which has excellent sealing performance. This sealing performance can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environments, maintain constant temperature and humidity in the room, reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.

Durability and Stability

This type of door usually adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, with good durability and stability. Its structure is reasonably designed to withstand prolonged use and frequent opening and closing actions. And is not easily affected by external factors to maintain stable operation.

Intelligent control system

Excellent quality fast rolling door is usually equipped with intelligent control system, which can realize remote monitoring and intelligent operation. Users can operate and monitor the door body through cell phone app or remote controller, which improves the convenience and safety.

Appearance design

Excellent quality rapid rolling doors also excel in appearance design. It usually adopts a modern and simple design style, which can match the architectural environment and enhance the overall aesthetics of the building. A variety of optional colors for customers to choose. Appearance design can also affect the user experience and the feeling of use.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of these doors is usually convenient, well-designed and easy to clean and maintain. The surface of the door body and key components are easy to clean, which can extend the service life of the door body and ensure its normal operation.

Understanding the advanced products of the rapid shutter door

Zipper fast rolling door: zipper fast door on the basis of ordinary fast door. Has a unique guide rail zipper design. So that the door body and the door frame can be more tight, better sealing. Better isolation of indoor and outdoor environments, to maintain cleanliness. This type of door is usually suitable for scenes with high requirements for environmental cleanliness.

high speed roll up door

insulated roll up door: thermal insulation fast door is a functionally enhanced fast door products. This door adopts multi-layer composite door curtain inside the folder thermal insulation materials. Track embedded closed structure. Package built-in wind resistance design, faster. Its thermal insulation performance is significantly higher than that of ordinary rapid doors. It is suitable for general cold storage area or special environment that needs insulation and heat preservation.

High speed stacking door: Stacking type fast door adopts folding lifting method and multiple built-in or external transverse wind-resistant levers. So that the wind pressure can be evenly distributed in the door curtain as a whole. Its wind resistance level is about 10 levels. Wind resistance far exceeds the ordinary fast rolling door. This kind of door is suitable for logistics channel and large area opening environment. At the same time, this kind of them can be equipped with optional geomagnetic induction door opening. When vehicles and other metal objects pass by, the door body automatically opens to meet the need for frequent opening.

hard speed door

Case study: real-life examples of High Speed Rolling doors applications

Factory workshop: used to isolate different production areas and improve production efficiency. The design of the rapid rolling door focuses on safety, equipped with sensitive sensors and safety protection devices, which can effectively avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation. The sealing performance of the rapid rolling door is good, which helps to reduce energy waste.

Logistics center: in the warehouse operation, fast and convenient goods in and out is the key to ensure a smooth logistics process. The traditional warehouse door opening and closing speed is slow, often leading to unnecessary waiting time for goods in and out of the warehouse. The rapid rolling door with its unique structure and control system, can be completed in a very short period of time to open and close the action, so that the goods can quickly through, greatly reducing the waiting time, improve the overall operational efficiency.

Pharmaceutical plants: In pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, due to the high demand for environmental conditions, the rapid rolling door can maintain a clean indoor environment, constant temperature and humidity, to ensure product quality and safety. Fast doors enable strict clean environment control.

Innovations and future trends in High Speed Rolling doors

Intelligent technology application:
The future fast rolling doors will integrate more intelligent technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and remote monitoring systems. Through the intelligent control system, users can realize remote monitoring, remote operation and intelligent scheduling to improve the safety, convenience and efficiency of the door.

Multifunctional integrated design:
The future rapid rolling door may strengthen the multifunctional integration design, such as combining the security monitoring system, fire and burglary prevention system, airtightness testing system and so on. In this way, the rapid rolling door can not only be used as an entrance and exit channel, but also be able to meet other specific needs, providing a more comprehensive solution.

Automation and adaptive features:
Future rapid rolling doors may introduce more automation and adaptive functions, such as automatic induction opening, automatic adjustment of opening speed, automatic adaptation to environmental changes. These functions can make the door more intelligent and humanized, and better adapt to different use scenarios and needs.

Installation and assembly of High Speed Rolling Doors

Need to prepare the installation tools are: impact drill, level, screwdriver, cutter, hammer and so on.
Seppes warm tips: these materials are necessary to install the rapid shutter door tools, can not be less, You need to have them all ready to start the work.
Fast rolling door installation must also check whether the size of the door with the size of the hole; the number of guide rail bracket is correct; hole embedded parts, bracket embedded parts location is correct.

Rapid rolling door installation process

Hole processing: review the hole is consistent with the size of the fast shutter door, the general width and height of the hole should not be greater than 5m, review the location and number of buried parts.
Bouncing line: Measure the elevation of the opening, and bounce two vertical guide rails and the center line of the rollers.
Fixing the drum drive: weld the pad plate on the pre-embedded iron plate, fix the left and right supports of the drum with screws. And install the drum. After installation, the drum should rotate flexibly, install the reducer and transmission system, and install the electrical control system.
No-load test: check whether the motor, reducer work normally after energized, and whether the drum rotates in the right direction.
Installation of door curtain: assemble the door curtain and install it on the drum.
Install the guide rail: The guide rails on both sides and above are welded on the wall pre-embedded parts according to the position specified in the drawing. And welded into one piece, each guide rail should be on the same vertical plane.
Trial run:Manual trial run first, switch with the motor several times, adjust the switching speed to meet the requirements. Until there is no blockage, clogging and abnormal noise. After debugging, install the shield.
Cleaning:Paint or set the guide rail wall decorative surface, clean up the site.

Maintaining Your High Speed Rolling Doors for Longer Life and Increased Efficiency

1.Cleaning: fast rolling shutter door in the outdoor environment, vulnerable to dust, dirt and water and other external factors erosion. It is important to thoroughly clean the surface and interior of the door body on a regular basis. Use mild detergent, be sure to avoid aggressive cleaning products.

2.check the work: regularly confirm and observe whether the door curtain can rise and fall normally. There is no abnormal noise or moving suffering. If you encounter similar problems, you must immediately look for the cause. May be track blockage or lack of lubrication. Need to clean or apply lubricating substances

3. regular testing of the security system: most of the rapid rolling door curtains equip with infrared detectors and obstacle avoidance devices and other security facilities. In order to protect the normal operation of the equipment, improve safety. To regularly debug these security systems, testing. If you notice any damage or failure, fix and replace it.

Precautions for the use of High Speed Rolling doors

1.In the use of electric operation, must be a professional fast rolling door debugging to the normal state. For example, there shall be no foreign objects in the guide rail. The door movement range space shall not have obstacles to hinder the movement of the door, the wind rib and the bottom beam is intact, etc.; must open the emergency stop device, the operator shall not leave before the door stops; do not use the remote control outside the operator’s line of sight, in order to avoid the occurrence of danger.

2.When the door curtain is lifting and running, it is forbidden for all people, vehicles and objects to pass through the door opening; and it is forbidden to put hands or objects on the place where the door curtain and the door frame are close to each other; when you use the control switch, you only need to press it gently. After the door is opened, it can be released without holding down the key.

3.After operating the door curtain, the operator makes sure the door completely closed before leaving.

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