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The Importance of Spiral Doors

In modern society, a garage is no longer just a place to park your car. It also serves a variety of functions such as storage and logistics. With the increase of vehicles and goods, the traditional way of garage management can no longer meet the demand. Efficient management of garage entrances and exits has become especially important. Automated sensor switch high speed spiral door as an advanced garage management solution. It is widely welcomed for its efficiency, safety and durability. It can significantly improve garage access efficiency, reduce energy consumption and enhance security.

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Technical characteristics of Spiral Door

Radar Sensor

Radar sensing technology, intelligent trigger mechanism. At the heart of the spiral door is the radar sensing technology. This technology utilizes radio waves to detect the position and distance of objects in the sensing area. Once the vehicle is close, the radar sensing system can quickly recognize and trigger the door opening and closing mechanism, realizing automated control.

Versatile Sensing Methods

In addition to radar induction, spiral doors also support a variety of induction methods. Such as face recognition, license plate recognition, geomagnetic induction and so on. Users can choose the most suitable induction method according to their needs in order to achieve more personalized automated management.

High-speed Lift Capability

High speed spiral doors can lift at speeds of up to 0.6-2.35 meters per second. This high-speed performance is especially important for garage entrances and exits. In the case of heavy vehicle traffic, the rapid door can quickly open and close to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and reduce waiting time.

Durability and burglary resistance, securing the garage

The door panels of the spiral speed door are made of double-sided aluminum alloy with high-density polyurethane foam sandwiched in between. This not only provides good anti-theft and anti-prying performance, but also features impact resistance, wind and rain protection, and thermal insulation and isolation. It ensures the safety and comfort of the garage.

How Spiral Door automated inductive switches work ?

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Introduction To Induction Technology

Automated sensor switches utilize infrared, microwave and other technologies to detect the dynamics of garage entrances and exits in real time. When a vehicle or person approaches, the sensor is able to quickly recognize and trigger the switch operation, realizing contactless control.

Real-time Response And Precise Control

Automated sensor switches are extremely sensitive and precise, able to react in a short time to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles and people. Its precise control system can effectively avoid misoperation and delay.

Energy Efficiency Management and Energy Savings

By optimizing the frequency of opening and closing operations, automated proximity switches can significantly reduce the number of times a garage door is opened and closed, thereby reducing energy consumption. In addition, the good sealing properties of the high speed spiral door help to maintain the temperature inside the garage, further saving energy.

Installation and Maintenance of Spiral Door

Overview of installation steps

Installation of high speed spiral doors requires professional technical support, including measurement, fixing, commissioning and many other aspects. The installation process needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure the normal operation and safety performance of the door.

Routine maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to keep your high speed spiral door performing well. This includes cleaning, lubrication, checking sensors and control systems. Finding and solving problems in time can prolong the service life of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

During the process of use, you may encounter some common problems, such as the door can not be opened or closed properly, the sensor malfunction, and so on. Understanding the solutions to these problems can help users quickly return to normal use.

Application Scenarios and Successful Cases

Family garage

The use of spiral doors in home garages can significantly improve the safety and convenience of your home garage. Their aesthetically pleasing design also adds a modern touch to the home.

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Commercial Garage & Logistics Center

In commercial garages and logistics centers, the efficient performance of spiral doors is particularly important. It can meet the needs of frequent entry and exit and large vehicle traffic, and improve operational efficiency.

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Industrial facilities and plants

The use of high speed spiral doors in industrial facilities and plants not only improves productivity, but also ensures a safe production environment. Their durability and safety are especially important in industrial environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of garages are rigid speed doors suitable for?

Spiral Door is suitable for all types of garages, including domestic, commercial and industrial garages. Its diverse designs and functions can meet the needs of different users.

How reliable are automated inductive switches?

The automation sensor switch adopts advanced sensing technology with high reliability. It is able to work stably in various environments to ensure the normal operation of the garage door.

How long does it take to install a rigid speed door?

The time it takes to install a rigid speed door depends on the specifics of the garage and the type of door. Typically, a team of professionals is able to complete the installation in a matter of hours to a day.

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