Unlocking the Benefits of Automatic Fast Doors: Radar vs. Geomagnetic Opening Methods

Automatic fast door revolutionize industrial access, boasting speeds up to 1.0-2.0m/s, nearly ten times faster than traditional steel rolling shutter doors. This article delves into two popular automatic opening methods: radar and geomagnetic. By understanding their distinctions, you can make an informed choice for your automatic fast door system.

automatic fast door

Radar Sensing: Reacting to All Movers

Radar sensing systems detect any moving objects within their coverage area. When individuals or vehicles enter this range, rapid roller door swiftly opens, making it ideal for scenarios with mixed traffic. For example, it ensures both vehicles and pedestrians can pass through effortlessly.

Geomagnetic Induction: Tailored to Metal Objects

Geomagnetic induction exclusively responds to metal objects. It operates by employing geomagnetic coils to induce metal objects, triggering switch operations that control the door’s movement. This technology shines in situations where you only want metal objects to activate the door, such as busy industrial environments.

Choosing the Right Configuration

Diverse Usage Scenarios

For sites with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, radar induction is preferred to accommodate all movements. In locations where vehicle access is crucial, but pedestrian access is discouraged, geomagnetic induction is the superior choice.

Additional Opening Methods

Aside from radar and geomagnetic methods, automatic fast doors offer various other opening methods, including remote control, access card swiping, and rope pulling. When selecting your industrial door induction method, it’s crucial to tailor your choice to your specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and resource savings.

automatic fast door

Choosing between radar and geomagnetic opening methods for automatic fast door hinges on your usage scenarios and adaptability requirements. By aligning your choice with your operational needs, you can maximize the benefits of these industrial high speed doors. SEPPES, with its CE-certified products, export experience, and industry expertise, is your trusted partner for all your industrial door solutions. Feel free to consult us for any inquiries.

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