Enhancing Safety with Automatic High Speed Doors: Essential Protection Systems

In today’s industrial landscape, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of automatic high speed door has made them indispensable. However, safety remains a paramount concern for companies operating these doors. This article delves into the crucial safety protection systems that guarantee the well-being of personnel and assets during daily operations.

automatic high speed door

Emergency Stop Button: Your First Line of Defense

At the heart of a high speed door’s safety system is the red emergency stop button prominently located on the control box. Depressing this button instantly severs the power supply to the curtain’s operational equipment. Furthermore, it communicates with the programmable logic controller to interrupt the starting circuit of the power equipment under the command. This ensures immediate halting of door movement in emergency situations.

Infrared Safety Photoelectric Sensors: Vigilant Watchdogs

To maintain safety during daily use, rapid roller doors are equipped with infrared safety photoelectric sensors. As the door descends automatically, these sensors spring into action. They promptly detect the presence of people or objects beneath the door curtain. When such an intrusion occurs, the door curtain immediately ceases its descent and reverses direction, ensuring the safety of personnel and averting potential accidents.

Safety Bottom Edge: Gentle Yet Effective Protection

To minimize the risk of accidents during rapid descents, the bottom edge of the fast rolling shutter door is fitted with a pressure-sensitive airbag. When the door curtain exerts pressure on an object below, the curtain will automatically rise back to the top, preventing any potential harm.

Safety Light Curtain: A Comprehensive Shield

For added security, PVC fast doors can be equipped with safety light curtains. These curtains are positioned on either side of the door body. Infrared transmitters emit beams sequentially, creating a protective light curtain composed of dozens to hundreds of infrared beams. Any interruption in the beam sequence, caused by personnel or objects entering or exiting, triggers the light curtain control system. It promptly signals the system to halt the door closure, ensuring a safer passage.

automatic high speed door

In conclusion, automatic high speed door offers a comprehensive safety protection system, guaranteeing the well-being of individuals and assets during daily operation. However, diligent safety checks remain essential to safeguard against unforeseen risks, regular safety inspections are vital to identify and mitigate potential risks. With its commitment to safety, SEPPES sets the gold standard, ensuring that its products meet rigorous international safety certifications. Trust SEPPES for unrivaled safety and performance in high speed PVC doors.

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