Choosing a quality fast door: a smart move for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry, as an important industry concerning human health, has extremely strict requirements for the production environment. In terms of improving efficiency and ensuring safety, choosing a good speed door is a decision that cannot be ignored. In this article, we will discuss the effects of choosing a good quality speed door for the pharmaceutical industry.

fast door

Improvement of production efficiency

Frequent and fast opening and closing: its opening speed can reach 1.2-2.0 m/s. In high-speed operation at the same time can also ensure that it can be opened 500-800 times a day, suitable for logistics channels that require frequent high-speed switching. Helps to improve the production process and improve production efficiency.

Reduce the waiting time of personnel: fast door relying on its fast opening and closing characteristics. Can effectively shorten the passage time of personnel and goods, thereby reducing the probability of production line downtime. Can further enhance the efficiency of the operation of pharmaceutical factories.

Ensuring the cleanliness of the production environment

Strong sealing performance: the use of imported brands with surface self-cleaning function of PVC high-strength base cloth door curtain. The thickness of the door curtain can reach 1.2 MM, corrosion-resistant and tear-resistant, with strong sealing performance. Effectively isolate the production workshop and the outside environment, to prevent air pollution and microbial cross-infection.

Good isolation effect: the rapid opening and closing of the fast door effectively reduces the chance of pollutants entering the production area, which helps to maintain the cleanliness of the production environment.

Raising safety standards

Advanced safety control system: Standard infrared safety protection device, immediately stop running when detecting obstacles at the bottom. Optional have safety bottom edge as well as light curtain safety protection, can effectively identify the surrounding environment, to avoid accidental injury.

Fast closing: relying on the reaction speed of the fast door, the door can be closed quickly to prevent unknown objects from entering the workshop production area, to protect the safety of production goods and personnel.

fast door

Reduced operating costs

Long service life: SEPPES door frame uses 2.0 MM thickness color steel plate, the door curtain uses high-density PVC material, and the door header package uses roll-folding industry and so on . High-quality fast doors are made of high-quality materials, which have a longer service life and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Improve production efficiency: by improving the productivity of the workshop and guaranteeing safety, the high quality fast doors can reduce the energy consumption in the production process, further reducing the operating costs.

Enhancement of corporate image and competitiveness

Enhance the credibility: a good company chooses a high-quality fast door, reflecting the company’s emphasis on production quality and safety. To a large extent, it enhances the image and credibility of pharmaceutical companies.

Enhance competitiveness: through the door can quickly open and close, excellent security system, good sealing performance of these characteristics. Provides the enterprise’s production efficiency and guarantee safety, so that the enterprise in the market competition more advantageous, enhance the competitiveness.

fast door

Choosing a good speed door is not only an investment in productivity and safety, but also a guarantee for the long-term development of the enterprise. Pharmaceutical industry should actively choose high-quality fast doors, so as to achieve the improvement of production efficiency, optimization of the production environment and reduce operating costs.

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