Choosing an industrial sectional door: you must know this

Door, is the guard of the building, is the bridge of communication, but also with the visitor when the first time to hand over the first business card. With the development of time and technology, industrial sectional doors have become more and more common in the industrial field. Choosing a high-quality sectional door has an important impact on the production safety and productivity of the enterprise. Therefore, this article will explore what factors you need to know to choose the right industrial sectional door.

Basic introduction to industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional door, also known as sectional lifting door, industrial sliding door.Suitable for a variety of buildings outside and inside the door, through the torsion spring tension balance. pulley slide rail sliding, frequency intelligent control system electric control to form a complete operating system, but also according to the installation environment of the customized more than 6 kinds of lifting mode of operation, 40 mm thick high-density polyurethane foaming door plate both heat preservation and impact resistance. The product is widely used for its beautiful appearance, durability, smooth switching, low noise, sealing and heat preservation, safety and reliability, as well as saving the occupancy of plant space, high practicality and high-end appearance.

industrial sectional door

The Importance of Branding

Choosing the right brand of industrial sectional doors is one of the key factors in ensuring the safety. Efficiency and reliability of your business. By choosing a well-known brand, enterprises can obtain quality assurance, technological innovation. Safety guarantee and good after-sales service, thus enhancing their competitiveness and realizing long-term development.

SEPPES Door Industry, a subsidiary of Xilang Holding Group. Is a brand manufacturer of industrial doors and logistics, warehousing and loading and unloading equipment. It has developed a series of nearly 70 products such as industrial fast doors, lifting doors, turbo hard fast doors. Three-in-one industrial defense doors. Warehousing and logistics loading and unloading combinations, cold storage heat preservation fast doors. and special explosion-proof industrial doors, etc. It is in accordance with the European industry standard of continuous technological innovation, and owns a number of core technologies and has been certified by CE, SGS and ISO9001 quality management system. Through the EU CE, international SGS and ISO9001 quality management system certification. The market covers the whole country, exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


Importance of details

Details can determine the character of the person and the quality of the product. A product that pays attention to details will consider several aspects. Including the door panel system, sealing system, balance system, control system, fall prevention system, and safety system. Various details are combined together to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a door, but also in the process of daily use, affecting the overall efficiency and use experience.

Door Systems

Baking paint color steel plate: double-sided 0.45 mm color steel plate baking paint, the total thickness of 40 mm and 50 mm door plate, the internal filling of high-density polyurethane foam (48 KG/m³). Can also be customized: aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel door plate. Height of each door panel: 500 mm
Door panel color: conventional white (RAL9003), can also be customized other colors, subject to additional costs. Customized color number should refer to RAL color card. Windproof level up to 11.

Sealing system

Top and both sides and bottom are equipped with EPDM sealing strips. Door joints are equipped with sealing rubber strips to isolate heat and cold transfer.

Balance system

The torsion spring is high quality spring steel with corrosion-resistant and rust-proof surface treatment to achieve 30,000 word cycles, and customization can reach 100,000 times. Pulley slides and hinges are an important part of the balancing system to realize lightweight and smooth operation.

Control system

Servo motor control system, inverter intelligent control of the door opening and closing slow start and stop, more stable and durable. Reserve multiple expansion ports to meet the interlocking linkage, automatic door opening and remote control communication and other customized needs.

Pendant restraint system

Optional torsion spring anti-breakage protection device, when the torsion spring accidentally breaks, the rapid reaction lock, the falling door body forced to stop within 20 CM. Door body anti-drop protection device, preventing accidental breakage of the cable door body falling. Bottom safety anti-pinch device for rebound in case of obstruction (patented by SEPPES Door Industry).

Security system

A wide range of enhancement systems with optional windows, door-in-door, innovative small doors without thresholds, lifting methods, wind-resistant components, remote door openers, remote control, customized colors for door panels, infrared safety protection, and a variety of door openers (patented by SEPPES Door Industry).

sectional door 6 Seiko system

Of course, there are many aspects to consider when picking a suitable industrial sectional door, including how to meet your individual needs, how to better match with your building structure and so on. If there is a need to contact us, we have a specialized team to solve your problems.

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