Comparison and Analysis of the Advantages of High Speed Rolling Door as an Alternative to Swing Traffic Door

As the level of industrial automation increases, the demand for door control systems is also increasing. As a new type of door control system. The swing traffic door monitors the environment in front of the door in real time through sensors, and is able to avoid collision with objects in the process of opening or closing, which improves safety and reliability. However, free anti-collision doors have certain limitations in terms of cost of use and maintenance. In contrast, the high speed rolling door, as a traditional door control system, has a certain degree of lower cost and simpler maintenance, and therefore has a certain substitution potential.

Introduction to the principle and function of the high speed rolling door and swing traffic door

High Speed Rolling Door

fast door

High speed rolling door is a kind of door control system using rolling door body. It also known as fast door, PVC fast door, fast partition door, fast lift door. Is the necessary equipment for efficient operation of industrial plants. Its advantage is that it has multiple functions such as fast opening and closing, heat insulation and heat preservation, dust and insect prevention, soundproof protection and so on. It is the preferred industrial door product to reduce energy consumption, maintain dust-free cleanliness. And constant temperature and humidity, and ensure the environment of product production requirements within the enterprise workshop. Rapid rolling doors usually use limit switches or encoders and other simple sensors to detect the position of the door, but it lacks an effective control mechanism in terms of anti-collision.

Swing Traffic Door

Free Crash Door

Swing traffic door is a kind of automatic door based on advanced sensing technology and intelligent control system. Whose main feature is that the front of the door body is equipped with a variety of sensors. That can sense the position and movement status of the object in front of the door in real time. Thus stopping or adjusting the movement trajectory of the door body in time during the process of opening or closing to prevent collision with the object. The free anti-collision door has the function of free opening and closing, which can control the movement of the door body independently according to the needs and improve the flexibility of use.

Comparative analysis of high speed rolling doors and swing traffic door


Safety Comparison

Free anti-collision door through a variety of sensors to monitor the environment in front of the door in real time, can accurately identify and avoid obstacles, to maximize the safety of personnel and equipment. SEPPES High speed rolling door is usually configured with safety protection devices, such as infrared safety photoelectric protection, safety bottom edge, the overall door frame can be selected from aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which is very effective in safeguarding personnel safety and equipment.

Comparative efficiency

High speed rolling door in the opening and closing speed has certain advantages, can be completed in a short period of time to open or close the action, improve the efficiency of the passage. Although the swing traffic door has the function of free opening and closing, it may affect its efficiency when encountering complex environments or frequent passage.

Reliability Comparison

Swing traffic door adopts advanced sensing technology and intelligent control system, which can realize accurate collision detection and control, and improve the stability and reliability of the door. And the rapid rolling door may have problems such as damage to the rolling material or sensor failure in bad weather or frequent use situations, which affects its reliability.

Cost of Use Comparison

Rapid roll-up doors are usually lower in initial investment and maintenance costs, and are suitable for some cost-sensitive application scenarios. While the free anti-collision door has advantages in terms of safety and reliability, its initial investment and maintenance costs are higher, and it is suitable for places with higher security requirements.

In summary, the high speed rolling shutter door has certain advantages over the swing traffic door in terms of safety, efficiency and cost, and has a certain substitution potential. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous reduction of costs, the high speed rolling door will have a broader development space in different application scenarios. However, it is necessary to consider various factors according to the specific application requirements and choose the most suitable door control system.

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