Exploring the impact of high speed spiral door panel on door performance

As one of the commonly used doors in industrial production and logistics fields, high speed spiral doors have a direct impact on production efficiency and safety. As a key component of high speed spiral doors, the quality and performance of door panels have an important impact on the opening and closing of doors, as well as the smoothness and reliability of operation. Therefore, it is of great significance to deeply explore the impact of high speed spiral door panel on door performance.

Material of high speed spiral door panel

Material of high speed spiral door panel

Aluminum alloy: Aluminum alloy is a kind of material commonly used for manufacturing rigid fast door panels, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc., and can ensure the stable operation of the door panels for a long time.
Steel plate: Steel plate is another common material for rigid door panels, with high strength and durability, suitable for environments with high strength requirements for door panels.
PVC board: PVC board has good weather resistance and waterproof performance, commonly used in the need for waterproof and wear-resistant rigid fast door panel.

The structure of the high speed spiral door panel

Single-layer structure: Single-layer structure of the high speed spiral door panel is usually made of a single material, simple and lightweight, suitable for general industrial production environment.
Double-layer structure: double-layer structure of the door panel consists of two layers of materials, commonly the inner layer of thermal insulation materials (such as polyurethane foam), the outer layer of wear-resistant materials (such as aluminum alloy), with better thermal insulation performance and durability, suitable for cold areas or need for wear-resistant environment.

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For example, SEPPES door industry rigid fast door on the use of lightweight double-layer aluminum alloy door plate, the thickness of a single layer of 0.7 mm, the internal filling polyurethane foam insulation material, the total thickness of the door plate is 40 mm. with good thermal insulation, total lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, etc., the wind resistance of 32 m / s (class 12).

Manufacturing process of high speed spiral door panels

Embossing process: Embossing process can make the surface of the door panel with texture or pattern, improve the beauty of the door and anti-slip.
Painting process: Painting process can surface treatment of the door panel, increase its corrosion resistance and weather resistance, extend the service life of the door panel.

The impact of hard high speed spiral panels on door performance

Durability: The material and structure of the door panel directly affects the durability of the door, choosing the right material and structure can ensure the long-term stable operation of the door panel.
Thermal insulation performance: the double layer structure of the door has a better thermal insulation performance, can effectively reduce energy loss and temperature exchange.
Safety: the manufacturing process of the door can affect the safety of the door, the surface treatment process can increase the non-slip nature of the door to reduce the possibility of accidents.

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As an important part of the door body, the material, structure and manufacturing process of the high speed spiral door panel have an important impact on the performance of the door. Choosing the right door panel material and structure, and adopting the appropriate manufacturing process can improve the durability, thermal insulation performance and safety of the door, thus ensuring the stable operation and long-term reliable use of the door. When designing, selecting and using rigid fast doors, it is necessary to give full consideration to the impact of the door panel on the door performance, in order to improve the overall performance of the door and the use of efficiency.

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