Fabric Roll Up Doors: Enhancing New Materials Company Logistics Efficiency

In response to surging market demands and the need for streamlined logistics, New Materials Company recently implemented a pivotal upgrade: the installation of advanced fabric roll up doors. This strategic enhancement not only amplifies production efficiency but also elevates safety standards and environmental preservation efforts.

fabric roll up doors

How Fabric Roll Up Doors Transform Logistics Efficiency at New Materials Company

Improving Logistics Efficiency:

High Speed Roller Doors for Swift Cargo Handling

At the heart of New Materials Company’s supply chain, the logistics channel plays a pivotal role. The installation of high speed door facilitates rapid unloading and loading, ensuring seamless circulation of raw materials and finished products. These doors raise and lower swiftly, outperforming traditional counterparts, thus minimizing waiting times and reducing operational costs significantly.

Ensuring Safety and Longevity:

Robust PVC Material for Durability and Resistance

Crafted from durable PVC material, these fabric roll up doors boast a self-cleaning surface, offering exceptional wear and tear resistance. Their impact-resistant nature ensures longevity, making them an ideal investment for any industrial setting. Additionally, their corrosion-resistant properties simplify maintenance, enhancing their operational life to approximately a decade.

Optimal Sealing Performance:

Energy-Efficient Sealing Mechanism

Fast rolling doors excel in sealing performance, with minimal gaps between the door curtain and track, complemented by sealing strips and rubber seals. This impeccable sealing prevents temperature fluctuations and air flow, effectively reducing energy consumption. By mitigating the company’s carbon footprint, these doors make a substantial contribution to environmental conservation efforts.

User-Friendly Operation:

Intuitive Controls and Versatile Opening Methods

Equipped with an imported Frog Pupil brand control box, these high speed roll up doors boast an IP54 waterproof and dustproof human-machine interface, switchable between Chinese and English languages. Operating these doors is intuitive, with standard double-sided manual buttons, radar, geomagnetic, pull rope, remote control, Bluetooth, and access card swiping options. This flexibility empowers employees to effortlessly master the door’s operation, ensuring seamless integration into daily workflows.

fabric roll up doors

Incorporating fabric roll up doors has proven to be a strategic masterstroke for New Materials Company. This implementation not only amplifies production efficiency but also elevates safety standards and environmental consciousness. By embracing these innovations, the company aligns with sustainable development goals, enhancing its market competitiveness and ensuring future success. AkzoNobel Paint Company, a Fortune 500 enterprise, has collaborated with SEPPES on numerous rapid door projects. For consultations and inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Elevate your business operations with cutting-edge fabric roll up doors today.

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