High-priced high speed door, why do we choose it?

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology. Fast doors have become essential equipment for efficiently operating industrial plants. Its quality is directly related to the efficiency and safety of production, logistics, chemical industry and other industries. When choosing a high speed door, why should you consider purchasing a more expensive product? Today we will share with you its importance and advantages.

Application of fast doors in industrial fields

Manufacturing workshop: Suitable for production lines in automobiles, food processing, electronics manufacturing and other industries.

Logistics warehousing: used in cargo loading and unloading areas of large warehouses to improve logistics efficiency.

Commercial facilities: In commercial environments such as supermarkets and shopping malls, maintain the temperature and humidity of specific areas.

Medical institutions: Keep the environment clean and safe in critical areas such as hospital laboratories and drug storage areas.

Why do consumers choose high-priced rapid doors?

Consider security

More expensive high speed doors usually have better safety protection devices. Infrared safety protection devices can be selected as standard. And safety bottom edges and light curtains can be selected as options, which can effectively prevent accidents. However, cheap rapid doors do not strictly comply with safety standards during the design and manufacturing process, and there may be certain safety hazards.

Consider performance

High-priced high speed doors can open and close frequently. Generally, they can achieve 0.8-1.2 M/S. If you want to go faster, you can adjust it to 1.2-2.0 M/S. It also has better sound insulation effect, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory and saves time. Cheap rapid doors may have some shortcomings in performance. For example slower opening and closing speed, poor sound insulation effect. And weak ability to isolate the internal and external environment.

Consider durability

For more expensive high speed doors, the door curtains are made of high-quality PVC materials and the construction process adopts spray-plastic technology to make the door curtains more durable. The door track is made of 2.0 MM color steel plate or 304 stainless steel to extend the service life of the door and reduce maintenance costs. Cheap rapid doors may not use the same materials and manufacturing processes as high-priced rapid doors, which may result in poorer durability and stability and a shorter service life.

Consider after-sales service

Buying high-priced high-speed doors can usually enjoy better after-sales service. For example, the fast doors of SEPPES Door Industry have a long warranty period and enjoy a one-door, one-code service life-long policy. However, if you buy a cheap high speed door, you may not be able to enjoy good after-sales service. For example, the warranty period may be shorter and the maintenance team may not be professional enough.

High-priced high speed doors application cases

High-priced rapid doors for the pharmaceutical industry

 high speed zipper door

After a pharmaceutical company purchased a more expensive rapid door, it greatly improved the cleanliness of the production environment, which is important to the pharmaceutical industry. The high speed door has strong sealing performance, effectively isolates the production workshop from the outside environment, and prevents air pollution and microbial cross-infection and it can be opened and closed quickly, which reduces the chance of pollutants entering the production area and helps maintain the cleanliness of the production environment.

High-priced high speed doors in the logistics industry

high speed door

After a logistics company chose a high-priced high speed door, it not only improved production efficiency but also improved the safety standards of the workshop, because the door adopts an advanced safety control system that can effectively identify the surrounding environment and immediately stop operation when obstacles are detected.To avoid accidental injuries.It also has quick opening and closing functions, which helps optimize the production process and improve production efficiency.

High-priced high speed doors in the cold storage industry

cold storage high speed door

After a certain cold storage purchased a more expensive thermal insulation rapid door, they found that while the thermal insulation performance was remarkable, the company also saved energy and reduced emissions. Because high-priced thermal insulation fast doors use multi-layer thickened door curtains, built-in track sealing structures, and wrapped built-in wind-resistant designs, they are faster and have significantly improved thermal insulation performance than ordinary fast rolling shutter doors. Reduce the loss of air-conditioning and promote energy conservation and emission reduction in enterprises.

It’s better to buy high speed doors at a high price

To sum up, high-priced rapid doors can improve production efficiency, ensure the cleanliness of the production environment, improve safety standards, and reduce operating costs. Finally, it can also enhance corporate image and competitiveness. Choosing high-quality rapid doors shows the company’s emphasis on quality and safety, and enhances corporate image and credibility. Although purchasing more expensive rapid doors requires more initial investment, in the long run, their high quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service can often bring greater value.

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