Revolutionizing Factory Safety with High Speed Coiling Doors and Advanced Anti-Collision Pillars

In the realm of industrial door solutions, high speed coiling doors have emerged as a pivotal component in enhancing factory efficiency. This article delves into the synergy of high speed coiling doors and advanced anti-collision pillars, shedding light on the key role they play in safeguarding factories and workshops.

high speed coiling doors

What Sets Anti-Collision Pillars Apart?

Defining Anti-Collision Bollards

Anti-collision pillars, crafted from flexible polymer materials with internal reinforced structural ribs, serve as robust protectors for high speed roller shutter doors. Positioned on either side of the door opening, these pillars mitigate and eliminate vehicle impacts, particularly from forklifts and trucks.

Choosing the Right Protection: Rigid vs. Flexible Anti-Collision Pillars

1.Rigid Anti-Collision Pillars: Constructed from stainless steel and cast iron, these pillars boast high hardness but come with drawbacks such as damage to vehicles and high maintenance costs. Not recommended for optimal protection.

2.Flexible Anti-Collision Pillars: Comprising patented elastic pillars and polymer material shells, these pillars utilize advanced technology for secondary buffering and energy dissipation. With the ability to recover after impact, they provide superior protection for both vehicles and high speed doors.

Advantages of Flexible Bollard Posts

Installing safety bollards in conjunction with high speed coiling doors can significantly reduce workplace accidents. The collaboration between fast roller doors and forklift operations, coupled with flexible bollard posts, effectively mitigates risks, creating a safer work environment.

Application Scenarios of Anti-Collision Pillars

Given the diverse applications of guard posts, customization becomes paramount. Tailored bollards, available in various diameters, heights, and finishes, ensure optimal safety and functionality in different environments:

Logistics Channels

Construction Sites

Parking Lots

Warehouses and Factories

Loading Zones

high speed coiling doors

Necessity of Flexible Bollard Posts: Protecting Fast Doors from Accidental Collisions

In logistics channels and warehouses where frequent vehicle movements occur, protecting high speed roll up doors is paramount. Flexible anti-collision pillars serve as a crucial protective measure, minimizing the risk of damage to door tracks.

Preventing Forklift Collisions

Positioned strategically in front of industrial high speed door tracks, flexible bollard posts, equipped with reflective stickers, act as a visual deterrent. This preventive measure ensures that passing vehicles or forklifts collide with the bollard first, preventing direct impact on the door track.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

The impact-resistant nature of anti-collision pillars minimizes vehicle damage, contributing to a safe and stable work environment for staff.

Cutting Maintenance Costs

By averting direct deformation of guide rails during collisions, flexible bollard posts made of polymer materials significantly reduce maintenance costs. This, in turn, ensures the uninterrupted operation of PVC speed shutter doors, preventing any adverse effects on production efficiency.

high speed coiling doors

Why Choose SEPPES Flexible Anti-Collision Pillars?

SEPPES’ cutting-edge technology, featuring special polymer flexible material, undergoes rigorous safety testing. This not only guarantees the impact resistance of the safety guardrails but also minimizes vehicle damage. Widely applicable in manufacturing workshops, logistics, and aviation airports, SEPPES’ solutions prioritize user safety. Reached cooperation with Pfizer, a Fortune 500 company

In conclusion, the harmonious integration of high speed coiling doors and innovative anti-collision pillars signifies a new era in factory safety, where efficiency meets protection seamlessly.

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