Innovative Application of High Speed PVC Door in Drying Room

The drying chamber can be widely used in drying various mechanical equipment and food, and plays a vital role in modern industrial production. However, the traditional doors for drying chambers have problems such as slow switching speed, low efficiency and potential safety hazards. In order to solve these problems, high speed PVC door suitable for drying rooms came into being.

high speed shutter PVC door

Performance of High Speed PVC Door – Improve Production Efficiency and Safety

Open quickly

The fast door adopts a professional servo system, which can control the rapid opening of the door curtain. Compared with traditional doors, its opening speed is several times higher, up to 2 m/s. In a busy working environment, it can ensure the continuous operation of the production line, greatly reducing the waiting time for entry and exit, and improving production efficiency.

Energy saving

The door curtain has a double row of brushes and a soft bottom pocket seal design. It not only guarantees excellent sealing effect, but also prevents dust and insects. It can reduce the loss of hot air in the drying room and keep the temperature of the drying room. Minimize energy loss and help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions.

Adapt to various environments

The fast door has good adaptability and can adapt to different drying environments. Whether it is low temperature, high temperature, humid environment, the high-speed door can operate stably and provide long-lasting performance.


High speed door equips with safety photoelectric protection device as standard. And it can also be equipped with safety bottom edge and light curtain. The presence of people or objects can be detected in time. Then it stops the door moving quickly to avoid accidents.

high speed shutter PVC door

High speed PVC door can help the drying room improve production efficiency and provide production safety protection. Its quick opening, energy saving, adaptability to various environments and safety features make it a must-have device for efficient operation of industrial plants. Its durability and dust resistance also make it ideal for industrial environments. If you are looking for high-quality fast doors, you can consider the professional industrial door brand SEPPES. SEPPES products have EU CE certificates and 2 years warranty service, has cooperated with Xinquan Automobile.

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