Revolutionizing Logistics Efficiency with High Speed Shutter Doors for Forklifts

Forklifts play a very important role in the logistics system and are the main force in material handling equipment. It is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc. In order to ensure the environment and safety of the internal environment. It is necessary to install suitable external doors to meet daily needs. However, ordinary rolling shutter doors not only open and close too slowly. But also require the forklift driver to get out of the car to open them, which is very troublesome in the long run. So is there a suitable industrial door that can meet the daily frequent entry and exit of forklifts while also meeting the needs of use? Zipper high speed shutter doors are the answer.

high speed shutter doors

Zipper High Speed Shutter Doors: Meeting Forklift Needs

Automatic Repair Function

The zipper fast doors have a self-healing feature, which means that if the door curtain receives a slight bump or impact, causing it to derail, it can repair itself. This reduces the need for maintenance and repairs, ensuring the door is always in top working order. This feature is very useful in the event of an accidental collision while the forklift is in motion. As it quickly restores the integrity of the high speed door, reducing downtime and repair costs.

PVC Soft Door Curtain

Compared with traditional doors, high speed PVC roller door uses an integrated soft door curtain. This PVC material is softer and more durable, which can effectively reduce damage during collisions. Beyond collision resistance, this material provides thermal and sound insulation, maintaining ideal temperature and environmental conditions within the warehouse.

Safety Measures for Forklift Operators

Forklift operator safety is paramount. Rapid door is equipped with a variety of safety sensors. The safety infrared photoelectric can trigger the door to automatically rise when someone or an object passes by while the door is running, ensuring that no objects or people are caught when the door is closed. This safety is particularly important because forklifts often operate in confined areas where accidents can easily occur.

Efficient Opening and Closing

Save valuable time with rapid response times, allowing forklifts to enter and exit within seconds. This is very beneficial for forklift operations with frequent entries, as it saves time and improves work efficiency. In addition, the door’s rapid response reduces queues and congestion, making warehouse processes smoother.

To sum up, zipper fast doors are a smart solution for the modern warehousing industry, designed for frequent forklifts entering and exiting the warehouse door. It combines automatic repair functions, PVC soft curtains, safety and efficiency to provide warehouse managers with a reliable way to ensure the safe operation of forklifts, improve work efficiency, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

high speed shutter doors

PVC Roll Up Door Sensing Methods for Forklift Switches: Choosing the Right Technology

Many factory workshops, loading and unloading ports, and logistics channels use high speed roller shutter doors and forklifts. Forklifts transport goods quickly and frequently, making transportation in the factory workshop more convenient. In order to better improve the shipping efficiency and cooperate with the rapid door opening, it needs to be equipped with automatic sensing method. When high speed doors and forklifts often interact, the following sensing methods are recommended for forklifts to control the automatic open of high speed doors.

Which Fast Roll Up Door Sensing Methods can Realize Automatic Entry and Exit of Forklifts?


Geomagnetic coil induction, usually the coil is buried under the ground, and the transmitter is installed on the door head of the fast rolling door. By detecting changes in the geomagnetic field caused by approaching forklifts, this method ensures precise and automated door control. The geomagnetic induction detachment reacts to metal objects, so there is a large flow of people in the place where rapid roller shutter doors are used, and the customer does not want pedestrians to use it, so geomagnetic induction is the best choice.

Radar Sensing

Radar induction will react to all moving objects that appear within its radiation range. For example, when people and objects appear within the radar induction range, PVC roll up door will open. If you want to automatically turn on when a vehicle passes by, but also allow pedestrians to pass, you need to choose the radar sensing method.


When the forklift arrives in front of the pull rope, the operator only needs to pull the pull rope to open the rapid door. There is no need to get out of the car to press the button to open the door, which is convenient and fast, and reduces the company’s labor costs. It is suitable for using manual pull ropes to control the opening and closing of fast rolling shutter doors when the working environment is narrow and the space is frequently entered and exited, and radar or geomagnetic signals are misoperated.

Maximizing Factory Benefits: Forklifts and High-Speed Doors in Harmony

Automatic Sensing for Forklift Entry and Exit

Unlock seamless logistics by integrating industrial speed doors with advanced automatic sensing systems. As forklifts approach, the doors activate automatically, streamlining entry and exit processes without manual intervention.

Workshop Environmental Protection

Maintain a pristine workshop environment with high speed industrial doors that act as a barrier against external pollutants. The swift entry and exit of forklifts contribute to air stability, safeguarding the hygiene and cleanliness of the production area.

Boosting Productivity

Experience a surge in productivity as fast action doors facilitate swift forklift movements. With efficient loading and unloading, these doors optimize logistics processes, enhancing overall production efficiency.

In conclusion, embrace the future of logistics with the synergy of forklifts and high speed shutter doors. From innovative features to advanced sensing technologies, this dynamic duo promises to revolutionize your warehouse operations. Elevate your efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce costs with this intelligent solution. Cooperated with Logitech on rapid door project.

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