High Speed Zip Doors Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical GMP Workshops Cleanliness, Security, and Efficiency

Pharmaceutical GMP workshops demand stringent control over environmental factors to ensure top-notch product quality. In this context, the utilization of high speed zip doors proves to be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the myriad advantages these doors bring to Pharmaceutical GMP workshops.

high speed zip doors

What are Advantages of using Zipper Fast Doors in Pharmaceutical GMP Workshops?

Keeping Clean: Elevating Workshop Hygiene

High speed zip doors feature a unique design with a one-piece closed door body, ensuring efficient cleaning and maintenance of optimal temperature and cleanliness. The swift opening and closing mechanism minimizes air exchange, effectively preserving the workshop’s heat, moisture, and dust conditions.

Collision Recovery: Minimizing Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Equipped with a distinctive zipper structure, rapid roller doors recover swiftly from accidental impacts. In the event of a derailment, a simple open-close cycle automatically resets the door, eliminating the need for manual repairs. This automatic repair function not only ensures door integrity but also reduces downtime and maintenance costs for enterprises.

Security Measures: Infrared Safety and Soft Bottom Rebound System

High speed doors prioritize security with infrared safety protection and a safety soft bottom rebound system. Infrared photoelectric on the door frame prevent closure when an obstruction is detected. The soft bottom rebound system ensures safe operation, making these doors an ideal choice for GMP workshops where safety is paramount.

Long-Term Durability: The Zipper Advantage

Unlike consumable accessories in brush-type rapid doors, zipper structure of high speed roller shutter doors is non-consumable, enhancing durability and convenience. With 1.2 mm thick curtains, fast doors outperform ordinary counterparts with 0.9 mm thickness, offering robust and long-lasting performance.

Access Control Systems: Safeguarding Against Unauthorized Entry

Fast rolling shutter doors, while convenient, pose security challenges. To address this, integrating access control systems becomes imperative. In the intelligent era, these doors can be equipped with various opening methods, access control systems, AGV linkage, Bluetooth, etc., enhancing security without compromising efficiency.

high speed zip doors

Real Case Study: Success in Pharmaceutical GMP Workshop

A recent installation of zipper doors in a US pharmaceutical GMP clean workshop has proven highly successful, meeting the stringent requirements of medical workshops and earning acclaim from customers. Notable pharmaceutical companies such as Thermo Fisher, Yangtze River Pharmaceuticals, Aomei Pharmaceuticals, and Hailing Pharmaceuticals have also embraced this innovative solution.

Strengthening Security with Access Control Systems

To address safety concerns arising from the installation of zipper high speed door, incorporating access control systems is crucial. By restricting access to employees with control cards, these systems enhance indoor security without compromising efficiency, adding substantial value for companies with heightened security requirements.

In conclusion, high speed zip doors emerge as indispensable assets in Pharmaceutical GMP workshops, offering a trifecta of benefits—cleanliness, security, and efficiency. Embracing these innovative solutions not only meets regulatory standards but also propels pharmaceutical facilities into the era of intelligent and secure operations.

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