High speed zipper door: the perfect combination of intelligent security and convenient entry and exit

In today’s swiftly advancing technological landscape, intelligence has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, offering enhanced convenience and security. Amidst this wave, the high speed zipper door, an innovative product in the realm of doors. Is progressively emerging as the preferred option across various sectors. This article delves into exploring the distinctive features, diverse application scenarios, and the convenience rendered by this intelligent security door, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

high speed zipper door

The origins and development of high speed zipper door

The origins of the high speed zipper door

Originating from the industrial production and logistics field to meet the demand for faster and safer entrance and exit solutions, the zip fast door has witnessed significant evolution with the advancement of science and technology and the rise of intelligent trends. This evolution has transformed it into an intelligent security door product, widely embraced across industry, commerce, and agriculture. Consequently, it enhances convenience and safety protection in both people’s lives and work environments.

The development of high speed zipper door

Evolved from its conceptual stage to intelligent development, the zip fast door has undergone remarkable transformation. Through ongoing adaptation to market demands, it consistently improves both convenience and security in people’s daily routines and professional settings.

Technical characteristics of zip fast doors

Quick on-off

With the utilization of a high-efficiency motor and a specially designed zip transmission system, the zip fast door achieves rapid opening and closing. This innovation significantly enhances the throughput efficiency of entrances and exits. Notably, the opening speed can reach an impressive 1.2-2.0 meters per second.


Equipped with multiple safety protection devices. Standard safety photoelectric and bottom airbag (SEPPES patented technology) can be optional Oh safety light curtain. Can effectively avoid accidental collision and injury.


Fashioned from high-quality materials and showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, this product offers an extended service life. As a result, it is capable of withstanding prolonged use in various harsh environments.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

With a well-sealed door body, effective isolation of indoor and outdoor temperatures is achieved. This not only reduces energy consumption but also aligns with the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection.

Application Scenarios of Zipper Quick Door

Industrial plant:Within factory workshops and logistics warehousing settings, zip fast doors facilitate swift material movement, enhancing production efficiency and ensuring production safety.

Commercial buildings: shopping malls, supermarkets and other places. Zip fast doors can achieve the rapid entry and exit of customers, enhance the shopping experience and improve business efficiency.

Agricultural field: In agricultural fields such as agricultural greenhouses and livestock farms, zip fast doors play a crucial role. They facilitate quick access for farmers, aiding in efficient management and maintenance of agricultural facilities.

Case studies of zip fast doors

Application Scenario: Automobile Manufacturing Plant

high speed zipper door

Nestled at the main workshop entrances and exits of this automotive manufacturing plant are a series of intelligent zippered speed gates. Fortified with advanced sensors and safety protection devices, these gates seamlessly detect their surroundings, ensuring secure passage for personnel.
Through the application of zip fast doors in industrial plants, the automobile manufacturing plant has achieved obvious benefits:
As a result, production efficiency is greatly enhanced, thereby accelerating the production cycle and reducing production costs.
This leads to more convenient access for personnel and materials, consequently reducing waiting time and enhancing work efficiency.
The rate of safety accidents has been greatly reduced, to protect the lives and property of employees.

high speed zipper door

As a representative of modern intelligent security doors. Zip fast doors not only play an important role in improving the efficiency and safety of entrances and exits, but also play an important role in various industries. With the continuous development of intelligent technology. It is believed that zip fast doors will show a broader application prospect in the future.
For those seeking fast and secure door products, the zip fast door is a compelling option. It promises to deliver added convenience and security to both your life and work.

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