Highest quality high speed door products for export to Thailand


Overview of the high speed door market for exports to Thailand

In recent years, the demand for industrial doors in the Thai market has grown rapidly. In particular, there is a demand for high speed doors. This growth is mainly attributed to the rapid development of the manufacturing and logistics industries in Thailand. As an important device connecting internal and external environments. High speed door can significantly improve the efficiency of logistics and the safety of the production environment.

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Why choose a high quality high speed door?

High-quality High Speed Door not only ensures efficient operations. It also maintains stable performance and safety over a long period of time. For exporting to emerging markets such as Thailand, it is particularly important to choose a high quality speed door. This not only improves the operational efficiency of factories and warehouses. It also saves energy and maintenance costs.

The Importance of High Speed Doors

The role of fast doors in industry

High speed roll up doors play a vital role in industrial production and logistics management. They are mainly used in areas with frequent access, where cleanliness and temperature control are required. For example, in food processing plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Rapid doors can effectively prevent the entry of dust and pollutants to ensure a clean production environment.

In addition, fast doors also have a variety of functions such as insect-proof, wind-proof and sound insulation. These features not only improve the safety and comfort of the production environment. It also significantly reduces energy consumption, thus lowering operating costs.

high speed door

Reasons to choose a high quality speed door

1.Improve efficiency: High-quality speed doors can be opened and closed quickly. It greatly reduces the waiting time and improves the efficiency of material and personnel circulation.

2.Safety and security: high-quality fast doors are equipped with a variety of safety protection devices. Such as infrared sensors, bottom edge airbags, etc., effectively prevent accidents.

3.Strong durability: high-quality rapid doors are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology. With excellent durability and impact resistance, it can maintain good performance for a long time under frequent use.

4.Energy saving and environmental protection: Highly efficient insulation and sealing performance can reduce energy loss. Save air conditioning and heating costs, in line with the energy-saving and environmental protection requirements of modern enterprises.

Advantages of SEPPES High Speed Door

Brand Introduction: SEPPES Technology and Innovation

SEPPES is a leading manufacturer of industrial doors with nearly 20 technology patents and its products have passed several international certifications. The company is committed to technological innovation to provide efficient, safe and reliable solutions for rapid doors. SEPPES’ rapid doors utilize high precision servo drive units from German brands. Combined with unique safety protection technology, it ensures the stability and high efficiency of the products.

Core technologies and patents of SEPPES High Speed Door

1.High-precision servo drive system: provides fast and smooth door movement.

2.A variety of door opening methods: including equipment linkage, double door interlocking, time-delayed switch, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios.

3.Safety Protection Device: Equipped with infrared sensor and airbag bottom edge to ensure safe operation.

4.Intelligent control system: Built-in Internet intelligent chip to realize remote control and automation linkage.

High Speed Doors for the Thailand market

SEPPES Rapid Door Application Case in Thailand

SEPPES speed doors have been widely used in several industries in Thailand. These include logistics centers, manufacturing plants and food processing companies. With high opening speeds and excellent sealing performance, SEPPES has helped these organizations to significantly improve their productivity and environmental control.

Demand and Requirements for Speed Doors in the Thai Market

The demand for speed doors in Thailand’s industrial and logistics market is focused on efficiency, safety and energy saving. With the development of the Thai economy, more and more companies are focusing on the optimization of the production environment and the reduction of operating costs. SEPPES speed doors, with their excellent performance and reliable quality, fulfill these needs.

Export Process and Support

The specific process of exporting to Thailand

SEPPES has rich experience in export. The company provides customers with one-stop service from product selection and customized design to logistics and transportation and installation and commissioning. By cooperating with local agents and service networks. Ensure that every customer can enjoy professional pre-sales and after-sales support.

Technical support and after-sales service provided by SEPPES

SEPPES focuses on customer experience and provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Whether it is the installation and commissioning of the product or the daily maintenance, SEPPES can provide customers with timely and efficient solutions. In addition, the company also provides regular technical training to ensure that customers can skillfully operate and maintain the speed doors.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation steps for rapid doors

1.Site survey: understand the installation environment and specific needs.

2.Customized design: designing a suitable rapid door solution according to the customer’s needs.

3.Product Manufacturing: Adopting advanced production equipment and technology to manufacture fast doors.

4.Transportation and Installation: a professional team is responsible for the transportation and on-site installation of the products.

5.Commissioning and Acceptance: Ensure that the fast door operates normally and achieves the expected results.

Routine maintenance and repair of the rapid door

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the rapid door, routine maintenance and repair is very important. The following are some basic maintenance recommendations:

1.Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the door body and control system to ensure that the components are working properly.

2.Cleaning and Maintenance: Keep the door and rails clean to prevent dust and debris from accumulating.

3.Lubrication and maintenance: Regular lubrication of transmission parts to reduce wear and prolong service life.

4.Troubleshooting: find faults in a timely manner to avoid affecting normal use.

Success Stories

Customer Success Stories from Thailand

After the introduction of SEPPES fast doors in a large logistics center, the logistics efficiency has been significantly improved. The efficient opening and closing speed of the door body greatly reduces the waiting time for vehicles and goods. At the same time, the excellent sealing performance of the fast door effectively reduces energy loss. The temperature control ability of the warehouse was improved.

Spiral High Speed Door

Examples of SEPPES fast doors in use around the world

SEPPES is not only successful in Thailand, but also widely used in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. For example, in a large food processing company in Europe, SEPPES fast door with its excellent dust and insect-proof function. Help the enterprise to ensure a clean production environment and product quality and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How long do a high speed door last?

High-quality speed doors usually last 10 years or more, depending on frequency of use and maintenance.

2.Is it easy to maintain a high speed door?

SEPPES rapid door design is simple, easy to maintain, common faults can be quickly repaired, the company also provides professional after-sales service.

3.What do I need to look for when buying a SEPPES High Speed Door?

Choose the model that suits your needs and customize it according to the usage environment and requirements to ensure the best performance of the fast door.

4.How long does it take to install a SEPPES speed door?

Typically, the installation of a fast door takes only a few days, depending on site conditions and the complexity of the door.

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