Advantages of Industrial High Speed Door in Garbage Transfer Stations

With the development of green environmental protection, the garbage transfer station, as an indispensable facility in every city. It is subject to stricter requirements. Industrial high speed door has multiple functions such as fast opening and closing, temperature insulation, dustproof and insectproof, and sound insulation protection. Next, I will introduce to you in detail how the installation of industrial high speed door can help garbage transfer stations. So that more people can understand the advantages of fast door.

Industrial High Speed Door

Three Advantages of Industrial High Speed Door in Garbage Transfer Stations

Excellent sealing effect

The PVC door curtain and the U-shaped bottom edge fit closely to the ground. In addition, the track is equipped with a double-layer brush structure. When the fast door is closed, it can effectively prevent dust and insects from entering. Also it can achieve the functions of constant temperature, sound insulation and deodorization. Especially the deodorizing effect is especially suitable for garbage transfer stations.

Fast opening

High speed PVC door adopts an intelligent servo electric control system, which can realize hundreds of times of switching every day, and can be turned on within a few seconds. Not only it can continuously prevent the smell inside the garbage station from floating to the outside. Also it avoids pollution to the external environment. At the same time, the quick opening also facilitates the entry of daily garbage transport vehicles, reducing the waiting time for the entrance.


The soft PVC curtain is light in weight and much safer than other industrial doors. The standard infrared safety photoelectric protection device can respond quickly in daily use, identify and protect the safety of the staff in time.

Industrial High Speed Door

Industrial high speed doors are suitable for areas with frequent access, fast opening, and high internal cleanliness. Installed in the garbage transfer station, it can play the functions of the fast door such as sealing, fast partition, safety protection, etc. It can help the garbage transfer station to run better and contribute to the creation of an environmentally friendly environment.

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