Industrial sectional door and a home garage door:They’re different.

In the process of selling industrial doors in the SEPPES door company, found that there is often a need to use the home garage door customers to inquire about the industrial overhead sectional door this product. Because the industrial sectional door can also be used as a home garage door to use. But there is a huge difference between these two products. Today we will talk about the specific differences between these two doors.
Sectional door and home garage doors have significant differences in function, structure and application areas. Understanding these differences is crucial to choosing the right type of door, not only for safety and practicality, but also directly affecting the effectiveness and cost of use. The following article will detail the differences between industrial sectional door and domestic garage doors to help you make an informed choice.

industrial sectional door

Functional difference

Industrial sectional door: mainly used in industrial workshops, warehouses and other places, characterized by strong load-bearing capacity and high durability. Usually equipped with electric motor drive. It can be opened and closed quickly to adapt to the needs of frequent use. At the same time, the sealing and sound insulation effect of industrial sectional door is usually better, which can effectively protect the indoor environment.

Home garage door: mainly used for residential garage, its function is more focused on convenience and safety. Domestic garage door usually adopts remote control or manual opening method, which is convenient for car owners to operate remotely. In terms of design, it also pays more attention to the aesthetic appearance to harmonize with the residential building.

Structural differences

Industrial sectional door: complex structure, usually made of steel or aluminum alloy, with strong wind resistance and carrying capacity. The door body adopts multi-layer design, which strengthens the effect of heat preservation and insulation. And it is also equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as anti-collision columns, safety sensors, and so on.

industrial sectional door

Home garage door: simple structure, mainly with steel plate or aluminum alloy as the main material. The door body is relatively light and convenient to operate, suitable for family use. In terms of safety, household garage doors are also equipped with anti-pinch device and auto-stop function to protect users’ safety.

home garage door

Differences in application areas

Industrial sectional door: Suitable for industrial plants, logistics and warehousing and other large places. Load bearing capacity and durability are its main advantages. Industrial sectional doors usually need to be customized and designed according to different places. And needs to ensure efficient docking with the production process.

Home garage door: mainly used in residential neighborhoods, villas and other private residential garages, the function is simple and practical, easy for home users to operate. The design of household garage doors also pays more attention to aesthetics and coordination with architectural style.

Industrial sectional door and home garage door in the function, structure and application areas there are obvious differences. The user in the choice should be based on the specific needs and use of the scene to make a reasonable choice. At the same time, whether it is an industrial sectional door or home garage door, need regular maintenance and repair to ensure its normal use and safety.

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