The Benefits of Industrial Sectional Door installed in Logistics Industry

Cargo loading and unloading is an important part of the field of warehousing and logistics. Logistics companies generally have large warehouses for transshipment goods. In the case of frequent entry and exit of vehicles, it is also necessary to maintain the preservation environment of the goods in the warehouse. This has higher requirements for the planning of logistics loading and unloading areas. Industrial sectional door can solve these problems very well.

Industrial Sectional Door

Advantages of Industrial Sectional Door in the Logistics Industry

Sealed insulation

The door panel is made of color steel plate, and the interior is filled with polyurethane foam material. It has a good effect of heat preservation and noise reduction. The door body is sealed with rubber sealing strips around the door, which greatly enhances the heat preservation function and sealing performance. When the sectional door is in the closed state, it keeps the indoor and outdoor sealed and isolated. Also it prevents external debris, airflow, and rainwater from entering, and ensures that the internal storage environment is safe and clean.

Smooth and safe operation

The logistics industry requires frequent entry and exit of vehicles, which requires frequent operation of the door body. Industrial liftgates feature high quality torsion springs and a balance system for light and smooth operation. In addition, it has safety protection devices, such as airbags and infrared rays. It provides safe operation and avoid injury to people or things, and to avoid accidents.

Save space

Sectional high speed door has a variety of lifting methods, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the door opening. Avoid occupying the space on both sides of the door opening, save the space occupied by the factory building. And facilitate the staff to transport goods.

Industrial Sectional Door

Industrial sectional door is suitable for a variety of exterior doors for buildings. It has the characteristics of low noise, sealing and heat preservation, stable operation and space saving. Choosing the right door type depends on many factors. You can refer to the professional brand SEPPES. Its products have EU CE and international SGS, and it provides products and technical solutions for more than 3,200 corporate customers.

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