Inflatable Door Shelter Applied to the Outlet of Cold Storage

With the development of modern logistics, loading and unloading equipment has widely appeared in front of the public. As one of the main products of loading and unloading equipment, door shelters are closely watched by enterprises and factories. The cold storage outlet has high requirements on the sealing environment and efficiency. Inflatable door shelter provides a reliable solution for the outlet of the cold storage. Inflatable door shelter can improve work efficiency, reduce loss, and ensure the cold storage effect of the cold storage.

Inflatable door shelter

Advantages of Inflatable door shelter in cold storage outlets

Excellent sealing

After the airbags on both sides and top are inflated, they will wrap the rear of the transport vehicle tightly. The design of the L-shaped structure of the airbags on both sides ensures a tight seal between the bottom of the airbag and the wall. The closed loading and unloading link can stabilize the temperature of the cold storage. It ensures that the unloaded goods will not be damaged due to temperature changes, and prevent dust from entering to maintain a clean environment.

Wide adaptability

The air bag will cling to the vehicle from all directions, and will automatically stop inflating after the package is completed. It can be applied to a variety of car models, which is convenient for companies to use different vehicles for transportation and reduces business operating costs.

Reduce energy loss

The L-shaped airbag structure design of the inflatable door seal ensures excellent sealing. It can effectively reduce the temperature loss of the cold storage, thereby reducing the energy consumption during loading and unloading.

Improve efficiency

Inflatable door shelters create an airtight and safe loading and unloading environment. Protect staff and goods from external influences and improve unloading efficiency. While protecting the goods, it also greatly improves the working environment and ensures the convenience and safety of the unloading process.

Inflatable door shelter

Inflatable door shelters are a key part of the handling combination. It not only has excellent sealing performance and wide adaptability, but also can save energy loss and improve work efficiency. If you want to solve the problem of cold storage loading and unloading, you can use the professional brand SEPPES. SEPPES door shelters have EU CE certification and are exported to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA and Akzo Nobel.

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