Insulated Sectional Door with Double-Sided Radar: Improving Logistics Efficiency

The logistics channel exit is a critical component in ensuring the seamless operation of the entire supply chain. Discover how our advanced Double-Sided Radar Insulated Sectional Door is revolutionizing cargo transportation for efficiency, safety, and reliability.

insulated sectional door

Benefits Of Insulated Sectional Door assembly radar to logistics channels

Real-Time Monitoring for Swift Operations

Embrace the intelligence of double-sided radar sensing technology in our sectional overhead doors. By transmitting and receiving radar signals, these doors can monitor moving objects in real-time, enabling highly accurate sensing and rapid response. The result is swift and reliable door operations, facilitating smooth entry and exit for vehicles and personnel, ultimately accelerating workflow.

Safety First: Anti-Pinch Device Integration

Safety is paramount in logistics. Our industrial sectional doors come equipped with a safety anti-pinch device, using infrared sensing to detect people or items beneath the door. This feature ensures that in case of an accident during door operation. The descent will be forcefully stopped, preventing any pinching incidents and safeguarding both people and goods.

Versatility in Sensing Methods

Beyond double-sided radar sensing, our automatic industrial door offers a range of sensing methods. Including face recognition, geomagnetic induction, pedestrian and vehicle diversion, fixed-point radar, access control, rope pulling, Bluetooth, and more. This flexibility allows for customization based on specific site requirements, ensuring efficient and controllable door operations in diverse environments.

Durable Performance for High-Frequency Usage

Logistics channels demand doors capable of withstanding high-frequency entry and exit. Our industrial lifting doors utilize imported motors with stable and efficient performance, enabling them to open and close hundreds of times a day. Additionally, designing the doors to be windproof, rainproof, and heat-insulating, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

Contact Us for Advanced Logistics Solutions

SEPPES is a company specializing in industrial doors and has cooperated with Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Thermo Fisher. If you’re interested in optimizing your logistics channels with our insulated sectional door. Reach out to our editor for a detailed proposal quotation. We are dedicated to providing advanced and reliable solutions that ensure your logistics transportation is both smoother and more efficient.

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