High Speed Roll Up Doors: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining in Factory Workshops

High speed roll up doors are now recognized by many users because of their excellent features. Due to their high frequency of use, speed shutter door requires maintenance during daily use to ensure their durability. Maintaining the optimal functionality of high speed roll up doors is crucial for their long-term stability in factory workshops. This guide delves into key considerations to ensure the smooth operation of these doors.

high speed roll up door

Issues to Focus on When Maintaining High Speed Roll Up Doors

Regular maintenance is the linchpin for the sustained operation of fast rolling shutter doors. Here are critical aspects to consider:

1. Cleaning Procedures: Surface Care for Longevity

High speed doors, often exposed to outdoor conditions, are susceptible to dust, debris, and water accumulation. Regularly clean both the surface and interior of the door using a diluted neutral detergent. Avoid corrosive chemicals and use a soft cloth for cleaning.

2. Checking Door Curtain Operation

Periodically inspect the normal operation of the PVC curtain. Check for any abnormalities, such as unusual noise or jamming. If issues arise, promptly identify and address the cause. Cleaning accumulated dust or debris from the door track can restore normal door curtain operation.

3. Maintenance of Door Tracks

Door tracks play a pivotal role in the operation of fast rolling shutter doors. Keep them flat and free of debris, repairing any damage or clearing foreign matter promptly. Regular lubrication with grease or oil ensures the smooth opening and closing of the curtain.

4. Inspection of Door Curtain Springs and Opening Devices

Regularly check the springs supporting the door curtain for normal tension, breakage, or deformation. Replace or repair springs if any issues are found. Inspect and maintain the switching devices to ensure normal operation, preventing potential failures in opening or closing.

5. Moisture and Rust Prevention

Rapid roller doors are exposed to outdoor environments, making them prone to moisture and corrosion. Regularly check for damaged coatings on the door curtain’s surface and repair them promptly to prevent rust. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of metal components like door rails and shafts to prevent rust and corrosion.

6. Regular Checks on Security Systems

High speed roller doors typically feature safety systems such as infrared detectors and obstacle avoidance devices. Regularly inspect and test these systems to ensure sensitivity and responsiveness. Address any damage or failure promptly by repairing or replacing components.

high speed roll up door

Maintaining high speed roll up doors demands comprehensive attention to various aspects. While the issues highlighted above are critical, refer to the SEPPES rapid door manufacturer‘s maintenance manual for more specific and detailed guidelines. Consistent maintenance not only extends the door’s service life and enhances safety but also reduces overall maintenance costs and failure rates, providing optimal performance for users.

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