Intelligent New Trend: Rapid Roll Doors to Lead the Production of Efficient Times

With the continuous evolution of the modern production model, the conveyor line is more and more widely used in industrial production. In order to meet the demand for high-frequency opening and fast opening of the conveyor line, more and more enterprises have chosen to install the rapid roll doors above it, and this intelligent design is becoming the leading choice for improving efficiency.

rapid roll doors

Excellent Opening Speed: The Top of Speed

Rapid roller doors stands out with its amazing opening speed, up to 0.8-1.5 m/s, far exceeding the opening speed of traditional doors. In conveyor line operations, every second counts, and the efficient lifting and lowering of high speed shutter doors provides great convenience for production. Its agile response makes the materials on the conveyor line can fly through, reducing the possibility of production blockage, saving a lot of time and cost for the enterprise.

Meet the Demand for High-Frequency Opening: No Fear of Frequent Challenges

In modern industrial production, the opening frequency of the conveyor line is usually very high, especially in the need for rapid material transfer in the production line is more obvious. The design of the high speed fabric door takes into account this need, and can easily meet the requirements of a day of frequent opening 800 times / day. This makes the installation of fast rolling door in the conveyor line has become a wise choice to realize efficient production, greatly improving the speed of material flow, to ensure the consistency of production.

Safe and Reliable Design: Speed and Safety in Parallel

The design of the high speed roll up door is not only concerned about speed, but also focus on safety. The use of advanced sensing technology, can sense the surrounding environment, to avoid accidental collision with the running conveyor line. At the same time, the tightly sealed curtain design effectively isolates dust and foreign objects, maintaining a clean environment in the production area. This feature makes the rapid rolling door in the production environment requires strict industry widely used, such as food and electronic manufacturing field.

rapid roll doors

In modern industry, improve production efficiency is the continuous pursuit of the goal of enterprises. The installation of rapid roll doors on the conveyor line not only meets the demand of high-frequency opening, but also can guarantee the cleanliness and safety of the production area. This intelligent and efficient design creates a more convenient production environment for enterprises and contributes significantly to the overall production efficiency. Worked with IKEA many times.

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