Safety Protection Fast Door: the Importance of Automotive Robotic Equipment

In the automobile manufacturing workshop, the robot workshop is one of the important links in the automobile manufacturing process and is used for the manufacture of fine parts. Arcing, smoke and noise are generated during this production process. So there needs to be a fast door that can be soundproofed and sealed. In order to solve these problems, many automobile factories will choose safety protection fast door as the standard doors for robot equipment rooms.

safety protection fast door

Advantages of Safety Protection Fast Door in Automotive Robotic Equipment


The fast door can be used in conjunction with welding robot equipment. When the welding robot is working, the fast door is closed. After the robot finishes welding, it sends out a signal, and the fast door opens automatically. It is convenient to manufacture and complete the situation, which can improve the working efficiency of the staff.


When robots work in welding workshops, waste slag and sparks will be generated. The special thickened door curtain adopted by the fast door has the functions of anti-arc and anti-welding. It can isolate harmful substances generated during the welding process and protect the production line and employees from unexpected events.


The infrared sensor is able to detect any obstacle near the door, and immediately stops the door’s movement, and opens it upwards quickly. When the safety bottom edge touches people or objects, it will immediately open in the direction to ensure the safety of employees.

safety protection fast door

The safety protection fast door is a protective fast door product in the industrial production environment. It is a functional product specially developed for use in welding equipment rooms, robot equipment rooms and other areas. It can improve efficiency, protect safety, and ensure stable production in the workshop. . If you want high-quality fast doors, you can find a professional industrial door brand SEPPES. SEPPES has a number of product patent technologies and has passed the EU CE certification.

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