Thermal Insulation Speed Shutter Door: Helps the Refrigerated Area To be Efficient

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, industrial products are also constantly upgraded. The emergence of fast roll up doors has made it easier to enter and exit enterprises and factories, and has been widely used in various fields. The thermal insulation speed doors have been upgraded on its basis. PVC roll up door is more suitable for general refrigerated areas such as food and medicine or special environments that require thermal insulation. Learn about the advantages of thermal insulation speed shutter door in refrigerated areas.

speed shutter door

Advantages Of Thermal Insulation Speed Shutter Door In Refrigerated Areas

Sealed Insulation

Food and pharmaceutical companies may require strict temperature, humidity and cleanliness control during the production process. The double row of brushes and U-shaped pocket bottom design inside the thermal insulation rapid roll doors track closely fit the ground. So the sealing performance is better. At the same time, the multi-layer composite and thickened curtain can help reduce heat transfer in the refrigerated area. It can ensure that the internal environment maintains a stable low temperature state.

Improve Work Efficiency

Its control system uses the imported brand Frog Pupil to control the opening and closing of the door curtain for stable operation. Not only can it achieve frequent switching operations hundreds of times a day. The opening speed can also be adjusted by 0.8-1.2 m/s. Allowing employees to enter and exit the refrigerated area more quickly and reducing the loss of air conditioning. Reduce the time waiting for the door curtain to open, thereby improving transportation efficiency.

Reduce Accidents

The soft bottom edge of high speed roll up doors is equipped with a safety anti-pinch device. Safety light curtain of rapid door systems is built into the track to provide comprehensive safety protection for employees and equipment.


Stainless steel frame and components are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, and are more suitable for low-temperature cold storage environments. In addition, it also has a unique design – a track heating system device. Which can prevent track condensation and ice, causing damage to the high speed door operation.

speed shutter door

Nowadays, climate change and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important. And energy conservation and emission reduction are also hot topics in today’s society. In various industries, cold storage is a very energy-consuming place. Therefore, installing thermal insulation speed shutter door can significantly reduce the energy consumption of cold storage and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Partner with Tyson Enterprises.

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