High speed spiral doors: the choice for the warehousing and logistics industry.

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology.The role of high speed spiral door in the warehousing and logistics industry has become more and more important. It can provide safe and efficient logistics channels, and also save enterprises a lot of energy and time costs. Today we will delve into the advantages, application scenarios and future development trends of spiral doors.Analyze why spiral doors have become indispensable in the warehousing and logistics industry.

What is a high speed spiral door ?

 Spiral fast door is an industrial door with the characteristics of quick opening and closing. It mainly consists of hard aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The door panel features a double-layer structure filled with polyurethane foam material in the middle. Its wide application extends to logistics, warehousing, and parking lots. Food processing factories, pharmaceutical factories and other fields.

The role and importance of Spiral fast door in warehousing and logistics cannot be underestimated. They not only ensure the smoothness and safety of logistics channels, but also improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation. Reduce energy costs and operating costs, and provide important support for the sustainable development and competitiveness of enterprises.

Advantages of high speed spiral door in the warehousing and logistics industry

Safety: Aluminum fast door have a solid structure and advanced safety control system. That can effectively prevent goods from slipping or falling during transportation, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. In addition, some industrial lifting doors are equipped with anti-collision devices that can automatically stop movement when an obstacle is detected, reducing the possibility of accidents.

Efficiency: As one of the key channels for warehousing and logistics. Spiral doors ensure the smooth entry and exit of goods into the warehouse or production workshop. It can effectively manage the logistics process by opening and closing efficiently and quickly.Reducing the time cost of cargo loading and unloading,and improving the efficiency of logistics transportation.

Enhance efficiency: The high-speed opening and closing of fast spiral doors and automatic control make logistics operations faster and more efficient. That can greatly save human resources and time costs. At the same time, by reducing the damage and loss of goods, industrial lifting doors can also reduce the transportation costs and losses of enterprises and improve the overall operational efficiency.

Technical characteristics of aluminum fast door

Intelligent control system: Using a dedicated servo system, the core is a DSP processing chip. The system accurately controls the opening and closing of the door by receiving servo motor encoder signals.

Opening method: The standard configuration is a double-sided manual button. You can also choose to turn on radar, geomagnetism, Bluetooth, etc. Improve operational efficiency.

Safety protection device: The airbag at the bottom, the door will retract when an object is sensed at the bottom of the door. Safety photoelectric protection, during the door closing process, if an The safety protection device features an airbag at the bottom and retractable doors that sense objects at their base.
It utilizes safety photoelectric protection, where the door rises if it detects an object during the closing process.

Sturdy structure: Made of hard materials, such as aluminum alloy or steel frame, ensuring the durability and wind resistance of the door body.

Insulation: 0.7mm thick double-layer aluminum alloy door panel, filled with high-density polyurethane in the middle, total thickness of the door panel is 40mm, broken bridge insulation structure design.

Wind resistance: high-strength door panel and transmission structure, wind resistance can reach 32 M/S (level 12 windproof)

Excellent cases of high speed spiral door

Logistics center case

high speed spiral door

After a logistics center replaced the original ordinary door with a SEPPES spiral fast door. Its realized the smooth and efficient operation of the logistics channel.Hard and fast doors can effectively speed up the logistics operation process, reduce product loading and unloading time, decrease time costs, and enhance work efficiency due to their frequent and rapid opening and closing capabilities.

Production enterprise cases

spiral fast door

A certain company uses SEPPES spiral door as their warehouse doors, optimizing the production process and improving production efficiency. Taking advantage of its characteristics of frequent and fast opening, the opening speed reaches 0.8-1.5 M/S, which greatly reduces the The time cost of cargo worker traffic. And its high-quality wind resistance and impact resistance can also safely protect products and workers.

The importance of spiral doors to the warehousing and logistics industry

High speed spiral door play an important role in the warehousing and logistics industry. Due to their fast, efficient, durable, energy-saving, safe, reliable, and automated intelligence. With the continuous development and upgrading of the logistics industry,spiral door will receive more and more attention and application. In the future, spiral door may become more intelligent and integrate more intelligent technologies. For example face recognition, object detection, etc., to improve efficiency and convenience.At the same time, further optimization in energy conservation and environmental protection can be achieved by utilizing more environmentally friendly materials and technologies to reduce carbon emissions, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the warehousing and logistics industry. This plays an important role in enhancing corporate competitiveness.

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