Tailor-made rapid shutter doors: precisely meeting the various needs of the factory!

In modern factory operations, efficiency and safety are crucial factors. And the rapid shutter doors as an important form of factory door, directly related to production efficiency and worker safety. However, the needs of different factories vary greatly, and traditional standard doors may not be able to fully meet them. As a result, tailor-made rapid shutter doors have emerged, which precisely meet the various needs of factories so as to maximize their effectiveness in the production environment.

Why factories need customized fast rolling doors

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Full compliance with factory space requirements

Different factories have different spatial configurations, some may be limited, others may be spacious. As a result, a standard door that fits all factories is often not optimal.
By customizing tailor-made solutions, we can precisely manufacture the fast rolling door according to the actual situation of the factory, ensuring a perfect fit without wasting space.And at the same time be able to flexibly cope with a variety of special layouts within the factory.

High safety design

A factory is a highly dangerous working environment, so the safety of the door is especially important. Through customization. The rapid rolling door can be designed according to the specific conditions of the factory. Strengthening the structural strength and equipped with efficient safety systems. Such as infrared sensors and emergency stop buttons. To ensure that the possibility of accidents is minimized during the use of the door to protect the safety of workers.

Quick Response to Production Needs

In factory production, time is money. A fast-responding door can greatly improve production efficiency.Tailoring the door to the factory’s production process and frequency allows for adjusting a quick roll-up door to maximize the speed of opening and closing. Thus reducing waiting time and increasing productivity.

Durable and Reliable

Factory environments are often relatively harsh, placing higher demands on the durability and reliability of the door. Tailor-made rapid shutter doors can choose more durable materials and structural design according to the specific conditions of the factory. Ensuring stable operation for a long time, reducing maintenance costs and extending service life.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Modern factories pay more and more attention to energy saving and emission reduction. And the door as one of the important facilities of the factory, also need to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. Through customization.
One can select the rapid shutter door according to the needs of the factory to meet energy-saving standards through materials and technology. Reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.

How to customize the rapid shutter door to meet the needs of factories

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Size customization: Different factories may have different sizes of doorways. Some may need extra large doors, while others may need smaller doors. Customization allows for customizing the width and height of the door according to the actual size requirements of the factory, ensuring a perfect fit and avoiding wasting space.

Opening speed control: Different factories may have different production processes with different rhythms and requirements. Some require doors to open and close frequently, while others require slower opening speeds to ensure safety. Through customization, the opening speed of the door can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the factory to achieve a quick response to ensure the smooth flow of the production process.

Enhanced safety features: Factories are highly hazardous environments where safety is of paramount importance. Through customization, various safety features such as infrared sensors, safety light curtains. Emergency stop buttons, etc., can be added according to the safety needs of the factory to minimize the likelihood of accidents during the use of the door, ensuring the safety of workers.

Material Selection: Environmental conditions may vary from factory to factory. And some may be more severe, requiring more durable materials to ensure the stable operation of the door. Through customization, you can choose the right material. Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., according to the specific conditions of the factory to ensure the durability and reliability of the door.

Intelligent control system: With the development of Industry 4.0, factories have higher and higher demand for intelligent equipment. Tailor-made high speed door can be equipped with intelligent control system to realize remote monitoring, automation control and other functions. To improve the intelligent level of the door and better adapt to the production needs of the factory.

Recommended international brands of fast doors

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Hörmann: Hörmann is a well-known German manufacturer of door products with a range of fast doors that are known for their high quality, reliability and innovation. Widely used in industrial, commercial and residential applications, the brand’s fast doors fulfill customers’ needs for efficient, secure and durable doors.

SEPPES: SEPPES is a well-known industrial door manufacturer in China, focusing on mid-range and high-end positioning. Quick door is one of its main products, with professional products and brand reputation, it has become a cooperative supplier of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies worldwide such as IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, Akzo Nobel, etc.

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