Telescopic Platform — Make Cold Chain Logistics Run Efficiently

In modern cold chain logistics transportation, loading and unloading is an important link in logistics transportation. It is very important to improve production efficiency and ensure fast and smooth transportation. In order to make loading and unloading simple and smooth, the emergence of telescopic platforms provides a reliable solution. Whether in terms of quality, safety, or efficiency, telescopic platform can meet the needs of cold chain logistics.

Advantages of Telescopic Platform in Cold Chain Logistics

High quality

The telescopic platform is made of excellent materials. The countertop adopts anti-slip checkered plate, which has a large bearing capacity and wear resistance. The lip is designed with a strong and stable structure and is integrally reinforced to ensure reliability and durability during loading and unloading.

Improve logistics efficiency

In use, the platform lip slowly protrudes from under the motherboard. A transition board is formed between the vehicle and the vehicle, so that personnel can load and unload goods safely and quickly. It ensures the safety and stability of the cargo loading and unloading process. And it improves the efficiency of loading and unloading. In addition, the lip plate can be adjusted up and down, and it can still be easily handled in the case of unloading with a large height difference.

Reduce operating costs

The lip of the dock leveler retracts under the main board when not in use. It is generally installed behind the heat-insulated lifting door and is not in contact with the outside world. It not only contributes to the insulation of cold chain logistics, reduces the loss of goods and maintenance costs, but also saves internal space.

loading and unloading platform

The telescopic platform has a wide range of applications in the modern logistics industry. Which can ensure the safety of goods, improve logistics efficiency and reduce operating costs. If you want to solve the problem of cold chain logistics loading and unloading, you can refer to the SEPPES dock leveler. It has many years of experience in foreign trade and export, and its products have EU CE certification.

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