The application of PVC roller shutter in coffee factory is a wise choice

The application of PVC roller shutter in coffee factories is a wise choice. This type of door provides fast and efficient opening and closing, which is very important for maintaining the temperature and humidity of the coffee factory’s internal environment. In addition, fast rolling doors can help improve work efficiency because they can reduce waiting times and allow transportation vehicles and personnel to enter and exit the factory faster. In addition, the design of fast rolling shutter doors can usually provide good sealing to prevent dust, debris and other external substances from entering the factory, thus protecting the quality of production equipment and products. All things considered, choosing a fast rolling door for a coffee factory is an affordable and beneficial investment.

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How to divide the coffee production workshop?

Generally, the clean workshop of a food factory can be roughly divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi-clean area, and clean operation area.

General operating area (non-clean area)

general raw material, finished product, tool storage area, packaged finished product transfer area and other areas with low risk of exposure of raw materials and finished products, such as outer packaging room, raw and auxiliary material warehouse, packaging material warehouse, outer packaging room, etc. Packaging workshop, finished product warehouse, etc.

Quasi-clean area

The requirements are second. Such as raw material processing, packaging material processing, packaging, buffer room (unpacking room), general production and processing room, non-ready-to-eat food inner packaging room and other areas where finished products are processed but not directly exposed.

Clean work area (clean room)

It refers to the area with the highest hygienic environment requirements, high personnel and environmental requirements, and must be disinfected and changed before entering, such as: processing areas where raw materials and finished products are exposed, cold processing rooms for eating food, and ready-to-eat food Cooling room, storage room for ready-to-eat food to be packaged, inner packaging room for ready-to-eat food, etc. Different production areas and air cleanliness levels in food factories

Advantages of PVC roller shutter applied to three areas

PVC roller shutter in general working areas

This area is mainly used for the storage, shipping, and packaging of goods. The requirements for doors are mainly speed and efficiency. These requirements can be easily met by fast rolling shutter doors. First of all, the opening speed of fast rolling shutter door is 0.8-1.2m/s. The fast doors can open 500-800 times a day. It can greatly meets the production speed and efficiency requirements of general operating areas. The standard size of the fast door is 3*3, which can meet the passage of normal goods and people. It can also be customized to larger sizes such as 5*5. It can further improve efficiency. Not only that, there are also many ways to open fast doors. The standard door opening method is a push button switch. Remote switches, radar switches, geomagnetic induction switches, etc. can also be available in production work areas.

PVC roller shutter in quasi-clean areas

This area mainly includes processing and conditioning places; sterilization treatment places (those using open equipment); preparation rooms for inner packaging materials; buffer rooms; and inner packaging rooms for non-perishable ready-to-eat finished products. This area is mainly responsible for the processing of coffee raw materials and inner packaging. The doors used in this area have certain requirements for door sealing, waterproofness, dustproofness, and insect resistance. The fast rolling door curtain is high-strength PVC material and the curtain quality is good. Its door body track is equipped with card-seat sealing brushes on both sides, making it highly waterproof, dustproof and sealing. Not only that, its efficient switching speed can also reduce indoor and outdoor air flow, further improving cleanliness.

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PVC roller shutter in cleaning work areas

The clean production area includes: the final cooling of perishable and ready-to-eat semi-finished products (finished products) or the storage place before inner packaging; the inner packaging room and aseptic packaging area of ​​ready-to-eat products. This area has the highest hygiene requirements. Clean room high speed doors can be more suitable in this area instead of ordinary rapid doors. The sealing performance of clean room rapid doors is better than that of ordinary rapid doors. It uses a zipper locking structure instead of a brush structure, making the sealing performance better. Its door frame is made of 304 stainless steel, which allows it to work in high humidity environments for a long time and is not prone to corrosion. Seppes clean room rapid doors also have the patent of “automatic introduction and reset for anti-collision and accidental derailment”.

In summary. I have introduced to you in detail the benefits of using high-speed rolling shutter doors in coffee production workshops. Not only coffee production workshops, but also many food production workshops can use high-speed doors as their main doors. Its functionality is suitable to meet most of the needs in these production processes.

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