The influence of rapid door curtain material on its performance and optimization investigation

As one of the common door types in modern industrial and commercial places, the rapid door has been widely noticed and applied for its high efficiency, safety and durability. As one of the important components of the rapid door, the choice of door curtain material has a crucial impact on the performance of the door. The purpose of this paper is to conduct an in-depth study on the performance impact of the curtain material of the rapid door, to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different materials in the curtain of the rapid door and its optimization strategy for the design and application of the rapid door to provide a more scientific and more reliable technical support.

Common materials and characteristics of rapid door curtain

PVC material


Characteristics: PVC material has good weather resistance, abrasion resistance and waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Advantages: relatively low price, easy to install, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: poor cold resistance, easily affected by low temperature environment, relatively short service life.

Polyester fiber material

polyester fiber  roller door

Characteristics: polyester fiber has strong abrasion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Advantages: good durability, high tensile strength, not easy to deform.

Disadvantages: Higher price, complicated installation, requires professional staff for customization and installation.

Aluminum Alloy Material

Aluminum Alloy sectional door

Characteristics: Aluminum alloy has excellent strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for high-intensity use environment.

Advantages: stable structure, strong wind pressure resistance, suitable for large door body.

Disadvantages: higher price, relatively heavy weight, need additional support structure.

The impact of different materials on the performance of the curtain of the fast door


PVC material: affected by factors such as ambient temperature and ultraviolet rays, it is easy to aging and deformation.

Polyester fiber material: better wear resistance and weather resistance, long service life.

Aluminum alloy material: excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, long service life.


PVC material: flammable in case of fire, releasing toxic gases.However, SEPPES rapid door curtain adopts a special process, the material reaches B 2 level of flame retardant, the thickness of the curtain reaches 2.0 mm, the safety is good.

Polyester fiber material: has certain flame retardant properties, can effectively prevent the spread of flame.

Aluminum alloy material: non-flammable, with high fire resistance.


PVC material: poor sealing, easy to cause hot and cold air exchange.

Polyester fiber material: better sealing performance, can effectively isolate the external environment.

Aluminum alloy material: better sealing performance, suitable for places with high requirements for air sealing.

Material selection and performance optimization strategies

Selection of materials according to environmental conditions

Indoor environment: PVC material with lower price and easy installation can be used.

Outdoor environment: It is recommended to use polyester fiber material or aluminum alloy material with good weather resistance and durability.

Structural optimization design

For PVC material: add reinforcement to improve its wind pressure resistance and durability.

For aluminum alloy material: optimize the door structure, reduce the weight, and improve the opening speed and efficiency.

Enhance fire safety

Choose polyester fiber material or aluminum alloy material with good flame retardant properties to improve the fire rating of the door.

Conduct regular fire safety inspections and maintenance to ensure that the fire performance of the door is in the best condition.

This paper summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and puts forward the corresponding optimization strategy through a detailed analysis of the application and performance impact of different materials in the curtain of the rapid door. In practical application, suitable materials should be selected according to specific needs and environmental conditions, and combined with structural design and fire safety requirements for comprehensive consideration to ensure that the rapid door curtain has good performance and safety in the process of use.

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