Uncovering PVC fast door failure: unlocking top repair tips!

PVC speed door are popular for their quick opening and closing, energy efficiency and other benefits. But when the doors experience malfunctions, it can lead to production interruptions and safety hazards. For this reason, it is vital to understand and resolve faults with PVC speed doors.

Introduction to the PVC Fast Door

PVC high speed door

PVC fast rolling door structure design and manufacturing process with lightweight, flexible, reliable and so on. By the door curtain, drive system, control system and security system, etc. Door curtain using high-quality PVC material, wear-resistant, motor and transmission device has a fast, stable, reliable and so on. Control system adopts PLC programmable controller to realize automation control, equipped with safety protection measures, to ensure that the personnel and equipment safety measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Common Failures and Causes

PVC high speed door

Door can not be opened or closed

Reason: power failure, check whether the power cord is connected normally. Button failure, check whether the buttons on the control panel work normally.Mechanical failure may result. Verify if there’s damage or deformation in the running track and various components of the door body.
Solution: Check whether the power cord is connected normally, make sure the power supply is normal. Check whether the buttons on the control panel are faulty, if there is any problem, try to replace the buttons. Check whether the running track and parts of the door body are damaged. If there is deformation or damage can be repaired or replaced.

Door runs slowly

Reason: The problem might arise from a faulty motor, a malfunction in the transmission system, or an obstruction in the door body. Moreover, the running track might have become detached or deformed. Furthermore, heavy attachments on the door body can impede smooth operation, with an excess of attachments exacerbating the issue.
Solution: Check the motor, transmission chain or pulley, clean the door track to ensure unobstructed operation. Inspect the running track for detachment or deformation, which can occur with improper use. If any issues arise, repair or replace the track as necessary. Similarly, examine any attachments on the door body for excessive weight; if found, clean or remove them before further use.

Door abnormal noise

Reason: The door track may be uneven, loose or damaged door parts.
Solution: Adjust the door track, tighten the parts or replace the damaged parts to ensure the door runs smoothly.

Fixing Tips Revealed

Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly check the power supply, sensors, control panel and door parts, clean the door track, find and solve potential problems in time.
Train operators: Make sure operators are familiar with the normal operation and common troubleshooting methods of PVC rapid doors to avoid faults caused by wrong operation.
Spare parts stock: Establish spare parts inventory, including motors, sensors, control panels and other key components, in order to quickly replace them when needed.

high speed door

Troubleshooting PVC speed doors requires a systematic approach and specialized knowledge. Through regular inspection and maintenance, training of operators and the establishment of spare parts reserves, we can minimize the production losses and safety risks caused by door failures and ensure that the door always maintains a good operating condition. Timely detection of faults and the adoption of appropriate measures to solve them can ensure the normal operation of the PVC rapid rolling door and extend its service life. SEPPES Doors PVC fast doors provide one door, one code lifetime service, so you can use the peace of mind!

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