What Are The Advantages And Application Scenarios Of High Speed Roll Up Door?

With the development of commercial and industrial fields. The demand for efficient logistics and safety management is becoming more and more urgent, and high speed roll up door can meet these needs. They are not only able to open and close quickly, improving the efficiency of goods in and out. They also effectively isolate the environment, maintain temperature and prevent the entry of contaminants. This is very important for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other places that require a specific environment. In addition, the rapid rolling door also has high security performance. It can effectively prevent intrusion and accidents, and is therefore widely used in commercial and industrial purposes.

high speed roll up door

Advantages of the high speed roll up door

High speed opening and closing

Excellent quality high speed roll up door has fast and smooth opening and closing action. Its speed can reach 1.2-2.0m/s. It can respond quickly to opening commands and improve the efficiency of passage. Its design and manufacturing process can ensure that the door body can run at high speed without affecting the stability and safety of the door.

Safety protection devices

These doors are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices. Such as infrared sensors, anti-collision strips, etc., which can detect pedestrians or vehicles in time to avoid accidental collision or pinching accidents. Excellent rapid rolling doors excel in security, and can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment.

Excellent sealing performance

High speed door adopts high-quality sealing material and design (EPDM rubber strip), which has excellent sealing performance. This sealing performance can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environments, maintain constant temperature and humidity in the room, reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.

Durability and stability

This kind of door usually adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which has good durability and stability. Its structure is reasonably designed to withstand prolonged use and frequent opening and closing actions, and is not easily affected by external factors to maintain stable operation.

Intelligent control system

Excellent quality of fast rolling door is usually equipped with intelligent control system. It can realize remote monitoring and intelligent operation. Users can operate and monitor the door body through cell phone app or remote controller. Improves the convenience and safety of use.

Appearance design

Excellent quality rapid rolling doors also excel in appearance design. It usually adopts modern and simple design style, which can match the building environment and enhance the overall beauty of the building. A variety of optional colors for customers to choose. Appearance design can also affect the user experience and the feeling of use.

Easy maintenance

These doors are usually easy to maintain, well designed and easy to clean and maintain. Door surfaces and key components are easy to clean, which extends the life of the door and ensures its proper functioning.

In addition to this, Seppes high speed door advantages also include rapid shutter door body size installation is adjustable size of the size. Therefore it is still very convenient to use.
Seppes rapid rolling door can be added to the reserve power. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened and closed in an emergency using a manual release device.
Rapid rolling door is by the door body, control box, motor, limiters, push button switch, etc. Including airbags far infrared protection.

High speed roll up door classification

PVC high speed door

PVC high speed door using PVC canvas door curtain material as the curtain made of PVDF membrane material anti-aging oxidation performance is good, not easy to fade. At the same time its own light weight, fast running speed, can reach 2 meters / second. Can quickly isolate to ensure that the workshop air as well as dust-proof and insect-proof features.

PVC high speed door

Spiral door

Spiral door is sturdy and durable. The door panel structure is solid and reliable, and the wind resistance can reach more than 12 levels. This is due to the high-quality aluminum alloy door plate and high-strength polyurethane foam in the middle. The total thickness of the door panel reaches 4-5 centimeters, which not only has anti-theft and anti-pressure function, but also has good heat preservation and insulation performance. It adopts frequency conversion motor system, switch slow start form. Its lifting speed can be flexibly adjusted between 0.6-2.35m/s, which ensures the fast access of vehicles.

 spiral door

High speed roll up door Applications

High speed door mainly has multiple functions such as heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof, insect-proof, sound insulation and so on. Applied to be able to make the workshop to maintain constant temperature, constant humidity, clean working environment. Used in food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automotive, textile, logistics and other fields. The application of the rapid rolling door to play a role in blocking the indoor and outdoor. To keep the indoor environment clean, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

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