What Locations Are Spiral Doors Suitable For?

 The curtain of the spiral doors are made of aluminum alloy profile with double-layer structure. Sandwich filled with polyurethane insulation foam, the total thickness of the door plate is 4 centimeters. It has all the effects of fast rolling door of rapid lifting, frequent operation, dust and insect prevention, isolation and odor prevention, sealing and dustproofing, and protection of nephew. Spiral fast door opening speed is very fast, speed up to 2.35m / s, which greatly improves the efficiency of industrial production. And there is a very good sealing performance, can effectively prevent noise, smoke, dust, odor diffusion, is conducive to maintaining environmental health of the workshop. At the same time as the door plate is different. Extra with heat insulation and heat preservation, nephew anti-theft, pressure and wind resistance performance. Therefore, the spiral fast door is suitable for use in various industries and places.

hard speed door

Spiral Doors Applicable Places

1.Cold storage, cold storage entrances and exits

In freezers, cold storage and other environments. The fast opening and closing speeds of rigid speed doors help minimize cold air loss. Keep the cold chain environment stable. The sealing performance can effectively insulate the outside temperature. Ensure the temperature inside the cold storage is stable.

2.Iron and steel mills, chemical plants

These industrial environments usually require rugged equipment, dust, corrosion has certain requirements. The material and performance of the rigid fast door make it adaptable to these harsh industrial environments. And the fast opening speed helps to improve the efficiency of material flow.

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3.Pharmaceutical and food workshop

In the pharmaceutical and food production workshop, the control of environmental hygiene and temperature and humidity is very important. The sealing performance of the rigid speed door can effectively prevent the diffusion of odor, smoke and other substances. It helps to maintain a clean production environment. At the same time, the fast opening speed helps to maintain the ventilation and temperature of the workshop.

4.Coastal enterprises and factories

In some enterprises and factories by the sea. External wind wind pressure is large, in winter and summer there are often strong wind typhoons. There will be a large number of hydrochloric acid, sulfate compounds, and contains a lot of water vapor. For the plant and the gate corrosion is serious, the use of aluminum alloy material hard fast door is not only anti-corrosion and rust resistance. And can resist 12 grade typhoon.

5.High-temperature environment

Spiral fast door thickness base is 4 centimeters, can also be customized to 8 centimeters. The interior is flame retardant foam, surrounded by EPDM rubber sealing, bridge breaking and sealing performance of both. Can be avaliable in a high temperature environment of 80 ℃. Therefore, it is used in paint booths, maintenance kilns, incineration rooms and tile kilns. Can link with the equipment, but also thermal insulation.

Seppes spiral doors also have a high level of safety. It is generally equipped with safety sensors and anti-collision devices. It can effectively avoid safety accidents caused by the opening and closing of the door. At the same time, this kind of door can also be retrofitted with anti-theft devices as needed. Such as password lock, fingerprint identification, etc., to ensure the safety of industrial production.

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