Why factories choose industrial sectional doors?

Industrial Sectional Doors are modern doors used in factories. It is an industrial door with good heat preservation, wind resistance and soundproof sealing. With manual and electric switching mode, easy to operate, fast opening. For the passage of people or vehicle items have a fast and safe passage. And the installation track on both sides of the doorway, does not take up extra space, in many door categories, industrial door because of its unique advantages has become the first choice of factory door. Next, we will introduce why factories choose industrial doors from a variety of aspects.

sectional door

Advantages of industrial sectional door

1.Safety of industrial doors

Industrial sectional doors are usually equipped with safety devices. Such as infrared sensor, anti-collision device, etc., which can effectively prevent people or vehicles from collision. The safety device will make the industrial sectional door open upward in reverse after quick reaction. EachSeppes industrial door spring is equipped with spring anti-break device. In case of any spring breakage, the industrial door stops immediately within 20cm.

Sectional Door

2.Durability of industrial doors

Industrial doors usually use double color steel, aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel as the door material, and the surface after embossing treatment, orange peel and imitation wood grain optional, strong and durable at the same time also beautiful and generous, greatly increasing the aesthetic degree of the enterprise. In order to ensure that the door body is strong and does not add weight to the door body, we fill the inside of the two door panels with high-density polyurethane foam, which is very good at resisting impact and also reduces the weight of the whole door panel. In addition, SEPPES industrial door also has a long service life, generally Xufeng industrial sliding door service life is mostly in 10-15 years, reducing the maintenance cost.

3.Energy efficiency of industrial doors

Industrial doors usually use environmentally friendly insulation materials and sealing technology. It can effectively insulate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and reduce the transfer and dissipation of energy. This energy-saving design not only helps to reduce the energy cost of the factory. It also helps to improve the environmental quality of the factory and create a more comfortable working environment for employees.

Sectional Door

4.The convenience of industrial doors

Industrial doors also have a variety of opening methods, such as manual, electric, remote control, radar, far red photoelectricity, etc., to meet the needs of different factories.

Chemical factory explosion-proof sectional door

5.Personalization of industrial doors

Industrial doors are flexible in design and can be customized according to the actual needs of the factory’s on-site building. Whether it is size, color, material or function, industrial doors can meet the individual needs of factories. This diversity makes the industrial door in the factory door market has a wide range of applicability, to meet the different industrial environments and use scenarios.

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