Why High Speed Doors Are the First Choice For Corporate Factories

With the rapid development of modern society, there is an increasing focus on industrialization and automation. Rapid rolling shutter doors play an important role in different fields and have become common equipment in industrial plants that operate efficiently. It has many functions such as quick switch, thermal insulation, dust and insect prevention, sound insulation and protection, etc. It is suitable for logistics access areas with frequent access and high internal cleanliness requirements. Therefore, choosing high-quality high speed door is very important for the operation of the enterprise and factory.

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Why Consider High-Quality High Speed Doors

Keep the Environment Clean

The high-speed door has the characteristics of rapid opening and closing, and the fastest speed can reach 1.5m/s. Effectively isolate external dust, bacteria, water vapor, insects and other pollution to ensure the cleanliness of the company’s production environment to prevent pollution from affecting product quality. In addition, the maintenance of the rapid door is very simple and convenient. You only need to wipe it with a wet towel to keep the rapid door clean.

Good Sealing Performance

These doors have excellent sealing properties, and the tracks have sealing brushes and rubber sealing strips that effectively isolate indoor and outdoor environments, reducing temperature fluctuations and air movement, thereby reducing energy consumption. This helps reduce the company’s energy waste and reduces its negative impact on the environment.

Safety Protection

Rapid doors prioritize the safety of people, equipment and products. They are equipped with infrared photoelectric devices and professional control systems to reduce the risk of impact or collision during operation. High-speed doors can help businesses minimize hazards, reduce risks, and improve overall safety standards by prioritizing safety.

Increase Productivity

One of the benefits of rapid doors is increasing productivity of businesses and factories. The rapid opening and closing speed of these doors is 5-7 times faster than ordinary rolling shutter doors. The rapid opening of fast doors speeds up the manufacturing and processing links of enterprises and factories, thereby minimizing waiting time and delays and improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Excellent Durability

Rapid doors use high-quality parts and equipment to ensure long service life for enterprises and factories. The curtain is made of high-strength PVC, and the surface has a self-cleaning function. This design ensures wear resistance, tear resistance and impact resistance, thereby extending service life. As a result, businesses can ensure long-term durability and minimize maintenance needs.

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What Types Of High Speed Roll Up Doors

Are There?

Rapid doors are widely used in different fields and industries, with different types of rapid doors, each type is designed to meet specific industrial needs. This article mainly introduces the five types of fabric roll up doors, clean room zipper fast doors, safety protection fast doors, thermal insulation fast doors, and stacking high speed doors.

1.Fabric Roll Up Doors

Fabric roll up doors, also known as PVC rapid door, is specially designed for logistics channels that require frequent entry and exit. Its door curtain is 0.8 mm thick PVC material, which makes the high-speed door strong, durable and impact-resistant. PVC rapid doors are suitable for indoor factories, workshops, offices and other places where people frequently enter and exit. It is recommended that they can be opened 500-1000 times in a day. Although it is not theft proof. But it can effectively isolate the outside world and maintain a clean and tidy working environment inside. Rapid doors provide thermal insulation, cold insulation, insect protection, windproof, dust-proof, sound insulation, fire protection and other functions, thereby improving production efficiency, and are loved and sought after by many corporate factories.

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2. Clean Room Zipper Fast Door

Clean room zipper fast door is an upgrade based on PVC fast door. It has a unique guide rail zipper design and an integrated sealed door body, which can provide efficient logistics exits while minimizing energy consumption losses, and maintain the original temperature conditions and cleanliness of the internal space of the building. At the same time, it has a patented technology – self-healing function. Even if the door curtain derails from the track, the self-healing system will automatically guide the door curtain to re-track in the next operating cycle. The entire door frame is made of SS304 stainless steel, which is more corrosion-resistant and suitable for installation in the food and medical industries. The safety performance is also enhanced. The door curtain does not have any hard parts, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment while achieving excellent wind resistance.

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3.Safety Protection Fast Door

The safety protection rapid door is an important production safety protection measure in the manufacturing production line area. It can block arc light, welding slag, iron filings and other harmful substances between different processes and equipment in the manufacturing industry. By using equipment protection rapid doors, the personal safety of employees and the normal operation of equipment can be effectively protected. In industrial plants, use equipment protection rapid doors widely. It is not only widely used in manufacturing fields such as factories and workshops, but also in production lines in high-clean environments such as medicine, food, and electronics. Its flexibility and reliability make equipment protection rapid doors an important piece of equipment for production site safety protection.

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4. Thermal Insulation Fast Door

Thermal insulation rapid door adopts a multi-layer composite door curtain (the door curtain is filled with thermal insulation material). While ensuring internal air tightness, it significantly reduces heat transfer, energy loss and condensation environment. Keep the internal environment at a stable low temperature and maintain the integrity of the raw materials. At the same time, it adopts a built-in sealed track structure and built-in wind-resistant design, which is suitable for ordinary cold storage areas or special areas that require heat insulation.

5. Stacking High Speed Door

Stacking high speed door has excellent wind resistance. It adopts a folding lifting method and an external lateral wind-resistant lever. It can evenly distribute wind pressure throughout the door curtain and effectively resist wind of about 10 levels. Which is especially suitable for logistics channels and large-area opening environments. It can equip with radar and geomagnetic opening methods. In addition, later maintenance is also very convenient, and the door curtain adopts a detachable design. It can not only improve the efficiency of entering and exiting the factory, but also greatly save the door cost of the factory, reduce the maintenance cost and labor cost of the factory, thereby achieving sustainable development.

What are the basic configurations of industrial high speed roll up doors?

Many companies are inquiring about fast rolling shutter door manufacturers, hoping to buy a fast rolling shutter door that is suitable for their own business and is beautiful and durable. However, there are many fast rolling shutter door manufacturers across the country. Which brings a series of purchasing choices to buyers. So, how to choose and how to distinguish good from bad? Generally, the standard configuration of fast rolling shutter door is door body, control box, motor, limiter, button switch, infrared radiation protection device, and anti-collision pillar, all of which are indispensable. ​

Quick door control box: Use Frog Pupil control box imported from Germany. ​

Rapid rolling door motor: the main drive system drives the door shaft to rotate and the strap to lift. ​

Double-sided manual button: The standard opening method is a double-sided manual button, optionally equipped with radar, geomagnetic, pull rope, Bluetooth, wireless switch, remote control, etc. ​

Infrared safety photoelectric device: There are two common specifications: single-beam and through-beam. When the infrared ray is cut off, the door body automatically rebounds and rises to prevent smashing.

What other things should you consider before buying?

About installation

We will provide installation manual. Moreover, the curtain and box parts of the high speed roll up door have been assembled in the factory. Which greatly reduces the installation time of the installation personnel on site and improves the accuracy of installation. In this way, the high-speed door runs better and smoother, and is also suitable for customers to install by themselves, reducing procurement costs.

About industrial high speed door manufacturers

There are foreign brands of fast doors: Germany’s Hohmann, Sweden’s Kuofu (now called ASSA ABLOY), Dinaco, etc. There are many counterfeit brands in China that need to be screened out.

China’s local rapid door brands include: SEPPES, Shanggao, SPELLER, etc.

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