Zipper Rapid Door: Enhancing Efficiency in Cargo Shower Rooms

In the realm of modern manufacturing, cargo showers have become an indispensable part of the product production and manufacturing environment. The cargo shower is a large clean equipment passage for personnel and goods to enter and exit, which can remove dust and impurities from the surface of the cargo. Meanwhile, cargo shower rooms typically require large equipment such as forklifts and trucks to enter and exit. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of larger equipment . High roll doors have become the best choice for cargo shower rooms. This article delves into the advantages of zipper rapid door in cargo showers.

rapid door

Advantages of Rapid Door With Zipper in Cargo Shower Rooms

Improve opening speed and optimize work efficiency

Incorporating German Frog Pupil brand motors, high speed door can control opening and closing of curtain. It can support hundreds of frequent operations every day. The opening speed of rapid door can reach 1.0-1.2m/s (customizable to exceed 1.5m/s). which is 5-7 times that of a regular roller shutter door. It can meet the demand for frequent entry and exit of shower rooms, expediting productivity and workflow efficiency.

Choose top quality materials to ensure quality

Crafted from premium PVC material imported from France, the door curtain not only ensures easy maintenance but also exhibits self-cleaning properties. Resistant to wear and tear, it guarantees a prolonged lifespan. Moreover, the entire frame, including the door box, motor cover, and track, is meticulously constructed from coated steel. Not only it is beautiful and elegant. But also has a longer service life compared to purified sheets and color steel plates.

Intelligent expansion and application of multiple functions

The motor of this fast door has multiple ports and can be equipped with various opening methods and expansion functions. For fast doors installing in cargo shower rooms, it is recommended to use a double door interlocking function. The two fast doors at both ends of the channel are interlocked with each other and remain open or closed at all times. It can effectively prevent pollution caused by air convection inside and outside the workshop. And it has dust and insect prevention functions.

rapid door

In summary, zipper rapid door can fully meet the needs of cargo showers and are the best choice for cargo showers. With high-quality assurance, efficient operation, and intelligent expansion options, it drives the smooth operation of workshops and industrial environments. Choose high speed rolling shutter doors to ensure the safety and efficiency of your workplace. Pfizer Technology Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company, chose SEPPES as its industrial door supplier.

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