High Speed Fabric Doors Linked Elevator For Seamless Material Transport

Discover the synergy of safety and efficiency with elevator-linked high speed fabric doors. Elevate your factory’s material transport capabilities by integrating protective doors at elevator entrances. Uncover the advantages and features that make high speed doors essential for streamlined operations.

high speed fabric doors

Improving Efficiency: The Need for Protective Doors at Elevator Entrances

To enhance material and accessory transportation efficiency between factory floors, elevators and freight elevators are commonplace. However, narrow elevator shafts often necessitate the installation of protective fabric roll up doors. In cases where space is limited, high speed fabric doors that vertically lift and lower prove ideal for elevator entrance protection.

Linking Elevators: A Synchronized Approach

Achieve seamless coordination between elevators and fast doors through signal docking. As the elevator arrives, the door ascends, and upon departure, the door descends. When the elevator is not on the corresponding floor, the door remains locked, preventing safety issues and potential accidents.

Fortifying Safety: Robust Security Measures

High speed roll up doors come equipped with airbags, safety infrared photoelectric sensors, anti-collision pillars, and door-shaped anti-collision features. These features prevent injuries to individuals entering or exiting and shield rapid door from potential damage caused by vehicles or forklifts.

Intelligent Automation: Elevating Operations through Smart Features

Integrate various sensing methods such as face recognition, license plate recognition, manual buttons, radar, geomagnetism, password, fingerprint, and fixed-point radar. This eliminates the need for manual door operation, offering an intelligent and automated process from start to finish.

High speed fabric doors with linkage functions aren’t limited to elevator entrances. Their versatility extends to small equipment, transport ports, assembly line equipment, and robotic arms. Tailor-made solutions are available to meet the unique requirements of your site. Contact our SEPPES expert team for personalized solutions—we’ve successfully supported over 3200 companies.

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